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    My 700w arrived today. Having lived with slow Exchange ActiveSync on my Windows Mobile Smartphone (Samsung i600) for the last couple years, but jealously supported those with a Treo 650 running Goodlink, I was excited to finally try something similar. So far...not so good. Several obstacles that perhaps the collective brainpower here might be able to partially resolve while awaiting the Messaging and Security Feature Pack so we can truly get direct push.

    1. Text Message Charges. $5 for 250 up to $20 for 2500. This is on top of the $44.99 we're paying for unlimited data? Anyone try to get VZW to cut them a break on charges for text messages generated by Exchange? Other suggestions? I believe the thing is smart enough such that when it is cradled and accessing the server through the cable, the server won't send the SMS. If not, I'm in big trouble.

    2. Global Address List. Kind of hard to use Pocket Outlook well for internal company email when the global address list isn't on the phone. The MSFP is supposed to add this. Until then, I see this on the MS site, but it cautions "use at your own risk." Anyone try it for WM5? Is there some other way to get the GAL?

    3. Doesn't update for deleted or moved items if you have it set to sync on new items. This is minor, but just annoying that it won't synchronize until a "new" message comes; cleaning up your inbox doesn't trigger a sync.

    I feel that I haven't really made a step forward from my WM 2003 smartphone running 1XRTT. The Goodlink experience is so superior. And I have Microsoft bias. Am I missing something? Suggestions?
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    1. I have had no luck in getting unlimited txt msg's from VZW.

    If only there was some way to hook up a VZW cell phone to the exchange server and then we could just get the $5/month unlim. IN TXT

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