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    Well I broke down and bought a T700 yesterday for full retail I also bought Money 2006 to update from Money 2002. Everything else seems to work via ActiveSync except for Pocket Money 2006. I get to the point where it shows the "reading the datatbase" screen but then it seems to hang there and I have to shut down ActiveSync thru the task manager with no account info sync'd. Im sure I can start a new account from Pocket Money but I would rather sync my current Money account info to the T700 Any ideas? Is Pocket Money 2006 not compatible with WM05? I have tried reinstalling everything; hard reset the T700, reinstall ActiveSync, reinstall Money 2006 and reisntall Pocket Money 2006.

    Other than the culture shock of WM05, the T700 seems to be a winner to me. I use Ultrasoft Money for the T650 with no problems. If I could get Pocket Money 06 to work I would be stoked! Any ideas let me know.


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    OK this is a long shot.

    Were you successful in converting the Money 2002 files to Money 2006 on your PC? If so, then just forget what I'm about to say. If not read on,
    I just installed Money 2006 on my laptop but it would not read the files from my previous version of Money (dont't know the version). So here's what MS tech support had me do and it worked:
    First I had to uninstall Money 2006
    Set the clock back to Dec 30 2004
    Download a trial version of Money 2004 from a link they sent me. (30 mins).
    Money 2004 was able to read my files.
    Installed Money 2006.
    Then I was good to go.
    Call the MS tech was free.
    Good Luck
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    I've been getting the same exact problem on mine but I'm using MS Money 2005. It worked perfectly fine on my Axim x50v PPC WM 2003SE which leads me to believe it is a WM5 issue.

    I just ended up disabling the money sync for now to avoid getting the "Reading device databases" error.

    If someone has a solution to this, please post!
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    Thanks for the help. I was able to convert my Money 2002 files to Money 2006 with no problems. Sonds like its a WM5 issue after all. Hopefully there will be a fix for this real soon. Pocket Money 2006 and Mapopolis are the two main programs that I would like to use on the T700.


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    i finally got it to work. What i did was upgrade to the new 2006 version but first uninstalled the 2005 and I also removed the directory that the 2005 version was in.

    You can also try deleting the partnership through activesync and creating a new one
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    I couldn't get it to work, EVER. I have done everything, short of going back to writing out checks by hand...

    I did downlaod Spb finance, which is supposed to integrate between the device and Money 2006. But so far, out of the almost 10,000 records it is trying to sync it is only up to a little over 1/2...going on 30 minutes. Well i take that back, it has taken me like 4 hours this afternoon to get it this far. Activesync kept crapping out on me... Why can't they just go back to a 3.8 version or something?

    This is unreal all the trouble I have had.
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    okay well didn't work, started to sync, I let it run for over an hour to upload the information, and hen nothing...and this morning, problems problems problems....

    UGH....why is there no support for this?
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    Here is the response I received from MS Chat Support

    {Corrine} Thank you for using Microsoft Money Chat Support. My name is Corrine. May I call you by your first name Mark?
    {Mark} yes
    {Corrine} Ok, thanks Mark. Please wait a few moments while I look up your case information, so I can see your problem description to better assist you.
    While I am looking up this information, will you confirm that your email is and your phone number is XXX-XXX-XXXX?
    {Mark} that is correct
    {Corrine} Iíve read your problem description and it appears to me that the issue we are going to work on today is with syncing money with your pocket pc. Is this correct?
    {Mark} That is correct
    {Corrine} I know you must be anxious to get this resolved so let's see what we can do with this.
    {Corrine} What OS is on the pocket pc?
    {Mark} Windows Mobile 5.0
    {Mark} OS 5.1.1700 (Build 14359.0.2.0) to be exact
    {Corrine} Unfortunately Mark they are non compatible so that is why the sync is not working.
    {Mark} When will they be compatible?
    {Corrine} The next upgrade will be fine as this OS for the pocket pc became available after Money 2006 was released.
    {Mark} So you're saying Money 2007?
    {Corrine} Yes, which will be available in the summer this time. An exact date I do not have yet.
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    I've been having these same problems and I can't get spb finance to work either. Appears some people have been able to get the Spb Finance to work on their 700w's. Would be great to know how many people are having this problem.

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