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    Is there anything like the KeyCaps program from the 650? I really miss my double tap and long press for a Cap or number!
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    NO......this is probably the number one Palm utility that I have missed from my old Treo 600 days. I have talked with several WM programers and requested it. They are recognized that it would be a good app, but there was always something they had to work on and put it on the back burner.

    Everyone one should be emailing and calling every WM software company and request it. Someone will eventually get the hint.
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    You are passe :-)

    Look at the forum they are in. They are using 700w.
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    The three things I miss from Palm:
    1. KeyCaps
    2. Takephone
    3. Chatter

    I wish these would be ported over to WM5.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HobbesIsReal
    I have asked Vijay555 (the developer of some really cool WM tools)
    It looks like I got him thinking hard about CapKeys! It will be a while, but at least we planted a seed with one WM developer!
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    HobbesIsReal: I'm certainly thinking about it, but if you've seen a couple of the other things I'm working on, you'll understand why I'm a little tied up right now. However, I certainly do hope to do something with this idea, I think it would help everyone...

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    Thanks vijay555 for stopping by! If there is anything any of us can do to help, just let us know. There are some very smart programers here, as well as very willing beta testers!
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    I was just doing a Google search for this very thing and came across this post. I recently switched to a MW 5.0 device and TOTALLY miss the KeyCaps functionality from my Treo...
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    Some thing like PhoneHelper 2.0 from PDAPhoneHome might work on the 700W - it's a fantastic program on the i730.

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