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    How can I stop them from duplicating events/contacts?

    Also, if I add something in to Outlook how to I get it to Wireless Sync or do I have to Active Sync it to my Treo first and then wireless sync?

    If there is a link or something to explain this better I would appreciate it.

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    yes, any help here would be greatly appreciated.

    It's very confusing...I don't want to end up w/ duplicate contact or date book's a real pain cleaning them up after the fact.

    Does Wireless Synch and Active Sync duplicate things if you synch to one and then the other...the multiple "warnings" on Wireless Synch would lead me to believe so.
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    I noticed that WS warned about duplicates when it was initiated. They had an extra screen for me to confirm that I'm aware of the potential for duplicates. I sync almost daily so my data is usually the most complete on the server side. This has worked for me:

    - restrict elements to either WS or AS. My email and calendar is maintained on my company server. So it works best for me to have WS sync email and calendar and AS sync everything else.
    - always refresh (instead of merge) initially or after a hard reset w/WS. On AS, I'll usually have the desktop overlay the handheld after a hard reset.
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    I would use Wireless Sync for all Exchange-based items (mail, contacts, calendar, notes, tasks) and Active Sync for the rest of it - installing programs, Windows Media syncing, etc. As Beryl says - there's a warning screen on the device when you first fire up Active Sync, to let you pick which side dominates. And to also not warn you again.
    Since WS does it all over the air, there's really no need to have Active Sync doing anything related to items that are in Exchange.
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    I downloaded the latest wireless sync software from my treo browser at

    I did this after completely deleting the preinstalled installation.

    Prior to installing the latest software I deleted all the contacts, events, etc. on the wireless sync website. I also went to push settings and unchecked everything but "email."

    I then installed the file I downloaded to my treo.

    Before my first sync I went into sync settings and sync express settings and UNCHECKED sync:

    -To Do

    This was to avoid any duplicates when using Active Sync.

    So far so good. None of my contacts etc. were transferred to the wireless sync website and Active Sync worked perfectly.

    Additionally, I am still receiving email pushed via wireless sync.

    I hope this is helpful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by djp24
    I downloaded the latest wireless sync software from my treo browser at

    I did this after completely deleting the preinstalled installation.

    Unlike other models, WS was not pre-installed on my Treo 700w. When I clicked on the WS shortcut, I found it was only a link to download the code OTA.
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    How can I sync my companies "shared contacts" to my 700w? I have the Active Sync working great for email and my contacts, but from what I can tell you can not sync any shared data. We are using Exchange 2003.

    Are there any work arounds for this?

    Thank you
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    I setup ActiveSync and I can get my email, contacts and Calendar, but I do not have the ability to get my Notes folder, and there is no option in ActiveSync for this. Am I missing something? If I need to start a new thread on this I can. I thought this thread was more appropriate because of the topic.

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    i'm using Wireless activesync with my company's Exchange 2003 server. I can't sync Tasks. It's not even showing up in the settings. What am i doing wrong. any help would be great!
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    Not sure why you aren't syncing tasks. I'm assuming it's the same as on the 650 and it syncs tasks by default. My only guess is that maybe you are entering your tasks on Entourage on a Mac?? I think (could be wrong) Entourage does not sync tasks to exchange. Hence no syncing to your Treo. Just a guess.
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    Plasmadude, my guess is you missed enabling them somewhere in setup. I have been working with Exchange / ActiveSync for over a year now. I seem to get best setup results when I: 1.) do an initial sync and provisioning via the USB cable, 2.) do an over the air sync and enable "as new messages arrive" feature, and then 3.) do another USB sync. When I do this I can confirm all setting on my computer where making changes in the configuration is easier than on the phone.
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    thanks for the tips but I am not using a mac.

    I haven't installed Active sync on the CD. I'm using the sync to wirelessly sync with out exchnage server. Do I have to install the CD and physically connect via USB first?
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    Okay , it looks like Tasks don't synch w/ "Exchange Active Sync".

    Check out this:

    and this:,Kb=PalmSupportKB,ts=Palm_External2001,Case=obj(41576)

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    That was from one of Palms KB articles...after getting my device I found that tasks do indeed sync.

    Notes dont show up though.

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