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    I use Chatter email for syncing my IMAP email server with my 650 now. Considering the 700w but wondering what my IMAP solution would be if I make that switch?

    Anyone know or tried this? Please respond asap. Thanks.
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    doesn't anyone know this answer?? this seems like a big imnportant factor for many people!
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    does anyone know the answer to this? what email program can the 700w use for IMAP email? does the basic 'pocket pc' outlook version support IMAP and show all folders on the IMAP server?
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    The included Outlook client on the 700w works fine with IMAP and syncs folders. Been using it for two days on the road with our review unit .
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    I am syncing IMAP folders just fine, too (see Menu > Tools > Manage Folders).

    However, I can't seem to really move messages from folder to folder. I can move the messages to an IMAP folder on the 700w, but when I check the account with a desktop IMAP client, they haven't been moved. (I did do a send/receive, of course).

    Is this a limitation of Pocket Outlook or is there a way to do this?
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    Make sure you go into folder options and check each folder to sync.
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    Thanks, that did the trick.

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