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    Use this thread to enter ONLY the progs that DO NOT work or have caused hard resets or had to soft reset always on your WM05 Device. Basic guidelines for this thread:

    • If you are using a different WM05 device other than the Treo 700w please note what phone you had problems with it on.
    • Please include a link to the software.
    • Please try to keep this a reference thread instead of a discussion thread..........

    (inspired by this same thread over at PDAphoneHome for the 6700: )
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    Here are a list of programs that have been reported not to be able to work on WM05 devices. I have not personally verified these, only reporting what has been reported on other forums. Please note that there are updates coming out on a daily basis, so if you really want one of these programs I would double check with the developer before giving up and waiting for it:

    SPB Weather -
    Sonicwall Pocket GVC - won't install
    Battery Pack Pro 2 - dims screen and does not allow backlight to come on
    Verichat - refresh issues & flakey in SMS mode, some unable to install
    Issue may not exist with 1.12 (1.32 & 1.33 did not record all text on screen)

    Agile - refresh issues & flakey in SMS mode
    Mem maid - conflicts with memory tweaks. Fix hard reset - others no problem
    PTVNC2 - problems with landscape mode, keyboard issues.
    Pocket Universe - hangs on start screen
    Mobile PDR - won't install
    Epocrates - doesn't work - active sync problem (go to file explorer, programs, essentials, autoupdate)
    Business Connect 3.8 - installs but has issues
    Netfront 3.2 crashed when accessing web address netfront 3.3 beta reportedly does not work
    Sprite Backup 1.4 - doesn't work
    Pocket Hack Master - issue using with WiFi connection.
    Checkpoint Secureclient VPN (PPC 2003) does not work
    Landware Pocket Quicken loads - sync issue, new version seems to work
    Laridan PocketBible loads - does not display full chapter, must navigate to last verse (new update appears to work)
    Money 2006 - sync issue with Desktop
    Phone alarm 1.26 - has issues
    SPB Weather - download problem
    SBSH Contact Breeze - does not see contacts
    Ministumbler - no wifi support
    Microsoft Business Contact Manager for PPC
    GPSInfo (GPS receiver utility) doesn't work - company says update on the way
    Microsoft Money 2006 for PPC does not support active sync 4.0 and WM5 - Microsoft says won;t be fixed until spring of 2006 or with release of 2007 since WM5 was released after MM 2006.
    Had problems with the ereader install. It displayed a message, something about "Unable to find file", but then it seemed to successfully finish the install. I installed an ebook, apparently succesfully. But then the screen blanked out (actually dimmed out) and couldn't get it back, even with soft reset. Removed ereader and everything seems ok now.
    I recommend NOT installing Skype 1.2 beta until they get a solution to the problem where, upon uninstall you get continuous warnings which appear unremovable...Info:
    Egress Rss Reader appears to have been causing my 6700 to not "wake up". I've removed it and had no problems since....I was using the latest version.
    Street Atlas 2006 It will not allow you to connect with a GPS receiver via Bluetooth.
    PIE Plus doesn't seem to work either. Developer said support for WM2005 coming soon.
    DotPocket I get my first hard reset today....
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    Netfront installation will fail. I should not have tried since the company says it is for PPC2003
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    FYI - spb Weather now DOES work. I installed it yesterday 012606 and I could not get the weather to update. Went to the spb website ( to the FAQ section for the Weather app. There is a new version (v1.5) which can be downloaded from this page which works wonderfully.

    I love this plug-in which works really well with spb Pocket Plus.
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    Lance did a fairly decent job witht e 650 list.....the 700 list is still in its infancy.
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    To clarify ePocrates works just fine.. one has to use the AutoUpdate feature over the network to load the databases and to do updates. I use ePocrates everyday... The ActiveSync update feature does not work for the initial install of the databases or updates.
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    I can't get SPB Finance to work either....well I can't get it to sync, does the same things Money 2006 is doing to my treo
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    Vito ButtonMapper will really kluge your keyboard and not uninstall correctly.

    There are many apps that will kluge your system, often hurting activesync. Only half of the apps claiming WM5 support will support the Treo's square screen. Installing apps is a minefield. The first app that must be installed is Sprint backup. Then you can begin to build a stable system, creating stable restore points as you add and test apps. Starting 2-7-06 you will have the privilege to pay $30 for the just out of beta version of Sprite. It is very stable and better than all the alternatives judging by reviews I have been lead to from the Beta forum.
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    Laridian PocketBible doesn't seem to work well. It was working initially, but now I can't get it to work. I'm not sure if one of my other programs that I've loaded is conflicting with it.

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