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    Please use this thread ONLY to add what program has worked flawlessly in your WM05 Device. Some basic guidelines for this thread:
    • If you are using a different WM05 device other than the Treo 700w please note what phone you got it to work on.
    • If you have confirmation that is runs on 240x240, please let us know.
    • Please include a link to the software.
    • Please try to keep this a reference thread instead of a discussion thread..........

    (inspired by this same thread over at PDAphoneHome for the 6700: )
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    I'm not sure where this thread should be placed. Some programs may work with WM5 but just won't work on our 240X240 screens.

    These programs ARE working:

    Astraware Sudoku
    DinarSoft* Handylauncher (setup menu hard to access)
    DinarSoft HandyMenu (setup menu hard to access)
    DinarSoft HandySwitcher (setup menu hard to access)
    Dinarsoft Memmaid
    DinarSoft Taptext (setup menu hard to access)
    PocketBreeze - a little flakey
    Laridian Bible
    OliveTree BibleReader
    One for All Solitaires
    LogMeIn - used apps on my remote desktop
    Morawietz Smart Mahjongg
    Pocket Bornes
    Pocket Mancala
    PocketNav (sort of -- I think it has problems)
    Pocket TV Browser (can't put in registration because of 240X240 screen)
    SbpTime (not throughly tested though)
    Sprite Beta
    Total Commander

    Movies created for the larger screens work on this screen!!

    * Dinarsoft committed to fixing the problem

    These do NOT work and I'm sick about it.
    ** Wisbar Advance **
    Handmark Monopoly - the developers have committed to a fix in 2 weeks
    FunnySnake ThemeKing
    PdaMill Spot!
    Elastic Software Inc. - Favorite Card Games (I love GinRummy)
    Spiral Mile Sudoku Rules
    My Personal Diet - developer has committed to a fix in a few days
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    Memmaid should be the first to try if you are a power user. I am pretty sure you can clean up some space using memmaid. May also make it faster, if luck enough.
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    Dell X50v, X30 624Mhz and HP ipaq h2210 h1945.

    Treo 750 hacks thread.
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    I already started a thread just on this subject over in the new WM Apps forum.

    I fact I made a What Works thread and seperate What Does Not Work thread for easier reference.
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    Yeah Hobbes, I saw the WM5 thread but the issue here is the 240X240 screen! A lot of WM5 apps won't run on the square screen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beryl
    Yeah Hobbes, I saw the WM5 thread but the issue here is the 240X240 screen! A lot of WM5 apps won't run on the square screen.


    WM5 and WM5 240*240 Treo 700W are two different beasts. i tried loading several programs that will work for WM5, but the 700W's screen is a major limitation. between that and the fact that there is currently no 3rd party mail app that works properly on this phone in order to download 2 different pop3's (one being gmail) without switching accounts (like Snappermail on Palm), I decided to return the 700W, and stick with the 650 for a couple more months to see which happens first:

    issues with mail and other programs resolved


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    Handmark has released a version of Express for the 700w. Log into your Express account and go to the download section to find it.
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    Here is a list of programs that either confirmed they have a WM05 update or other users from other forums have claimed they work on their WM05. I have not personally verified any of these....I am just reporting what has been posted on other forums of software that has proven to work on WM05. Just because it is WM05 compliant, doesn't not guarantee that it will run on a 240x240 screen.....but at least this list is half way there!

    Just to add to this thread for clarification. Landware just put out a new version of pocket quicken that seems to work out really well. Full active sync without errors for about a week now. I could never seem to get all the account totals to be correct in SPB Finance. If it matters, I am using AS4.1

    Laridian has updated PocketBible, and it works well.

    - SPB Weather 1.1.1 works perfectly fine on 6700 now. Not sure which version was being used before. It still won't autoconnect to EVDO but will update when connected to PC. I think it might also update when IE forces EVDO to connect.

    - Skype 1.2 works fine on 6700. It also will not attempt to autoconnect to EVDO, but if you start IE first and force the EVDO connection to start, then close IE and start Skype, it will work fine... at least it did on my phone. My friend installed skype but after starting skype he said it would crash after like 10 secs. Not sure what was different about his phone than mine, he had a lot more crap installed tho, maybe something conflicted.

    11 Games updated for WM5

    Resco Explorer 2005 works like a champ. Such a full-featured and useful program (have not tried the today plugin though).

    WiFiFoFum is the best wifi sniffer out there, and it works fine with the 6700's wifi chipset.

    Egress is a fantastic RSS reader and has worked great for me so far.

    Journal bar, iLauncher, Handyswitch, Mortsaver.

    1. Pocket Controller Professional v5.03--View and control the 6700 from your desktop/laptop, using your computer's screen, keyboard and mouse. Enter data at high speed using your desktop keyboard. $30.95 Pocket Controller Professional

    2. Spb Pocket Plus 3.0--A powerful Today plug-in that really helps to customize the Today screen. Some seem to have a slowdown in performance with this software, but I have not noticed any slowdown. It works great. $24.95 Spb Pocket Plus 3.0

    3. Resco Utility Pack v5.38--Includes Resco Explorer 2005 (much better file explorer than with WM5), Resco Photo Viewer, and Resco Stickies. I haven't used the photo viewer much and never used the stickies (even had a little trouble trying to register the stickies). The real plus with this is the explorer and also the Resco Registry editor that it comes with. $31.46 Resco Utility Pack

    4. City Time v2.52--Great little utility. I use it mainly for sunset/moonset but is great if you travel or want to know the time in different cities. $14.95 City Time

    5. FlexWallet 2005 v2.5.0--I keep everything in here that I want to keep track of (purchases, software, warranties, settings, etc.). It has a great format and includes a free desktop version. $24.95 FlexWallet 2005

    6. ConstructCALC v3.0--For the money, the best construction calculator out there. $29.95

    7. Pocket E-Sword v2.5.2--Unbelievable FREE bible software both for the 6700 and for your desktop. I did purchase the NASB module and the WordStudy separately and had a problem with them installing on the 6700 so will have to work on getting them installed later, but the free bibles, commentaries, and dictionaries are really amazing. FREE E-Sword

    The Pocket Media Player (TPMP) works no problem (enjoying DVD movie clips on the 6700 no problem.

    Verichat (AIM / YAHOO MSGR / MSN MSGR / ICQ) 1.32 no problems thus far.

    battery pack pro works quite well

    aol instant messenger 2.0 works fine but lacks features like away messages

    the Handmark game packages works (tetris, etc.!)

    tomov pocket mechanic works

    PHM registry editor works great to change the ringtone source from windows/ring tones

    TCPMP (the core pocket media player) is excellent!

    ThemeKing v2.5.7 by FunnySnake works great. Been running it for a few hours with no signs of memory leaks;

    Agile Messenger seems to work.

    Phatnotes Pro works perfect and jives with all my old notes

    Total Commander v2.0 Like File Explorer on steroids & its free!

    Goodlink 4.5 works!

    resco photo viewer
    resco file manage
    agile messenger
    Astraware texttwist
    m$ cerdisp (view & control PPC from desktop)

    wmirc 2.0, a lightweight/minimalist IRC client from, works great. It specifically supports WM 5.0.

    I was even able to download the ARM cab version of the trial via PocketIE while waiting for my dinner at a restaurant, and install right there, with no ActiveSync'ing needed.

    Sunnysoft Backup works like a champ! -- Yes it does.. I did notice you have to run the backup right after a soft reset. If not I get errors of files being in use. Also I copied the .EXE to my mini SD card incase I need to do a restore and no CPU around.

    Password Juggler NX (ARM, xScale) 5.0.3 works without a hitch!

    OnCourse Navigator 5
    Teletype World Navigator

    eWallet 4.02 from Iliumsoft seems to work perfectly - even if run from a card.

    Scott Seligman's "Pocket NAV" It's a great application manager.

    Best of all, it's free (but please, DO make a little donation to keep him motivated)!

    I emailed PDAApps and asked if they had a version of Verichat that works properly with WM5. They emailed me back a copy of 1.35b. It fixed my problems with seeing both sides of the conversation. Still other small bugs, but at least it works now.

    Logmein works as a free alternative to gotomypc, and it works great!

    I can vouch that verichat 1.35b works well for me. -- If you want it, just send a mail to stating you would like a copy of Virichat that workes with WM5, and they will send it to you in a few hours (maybe quicker)

    feederreader RSS with support for podcasts works great for me - installed to the card.

    Delta Airlines Pocket Scheduler
    Tube 2 Pro NYC
    Zagat to Go

    VxUtil by cambridge software

    Salling Clicker works like a champ. Finally a decent way to control music on iTunes from anywhere in the house. Most importantly, with an Airport Express and Airtunes, you can stream and control DRM'd AAC files purchased off of ITMS.

    If you mean by a digit dispaly, phone alarm does that. It says that a wm5 version will be out in December.

    The new version of WiFi Companion seems to work flawlessly. It has been specifically updated for Windows Mobile 5. The Cab is at and there is a 3 day trial.

    Just got the patch for iNavcorp's iGuidance and it works great w/ the PPC 6700 now

    For SSH Pocket Putty works great! Though it is missing a feature to save connections.

    spb Pocket Plus

    Marsware Weather Panel has a beta version for WM5 and it works great.

    I just installed Calcnote 1.2, which provides a floating mini-calculator combined with a note pad. One button toggles between calcualtor and notes. Notes can be saved like regular notes. Double tapping the title bar minimizes the program to an icon at the bottom of the Today screen. Nice little program. Just be aware of trial software that gets installed along with it - the trial stuff is easily removable though.

    Magic Button
    Virtual Earth Mobile

    wifi forum
    netfront beta

    Pocket Oracle - an astrology program that is alnost as good as the one on my desktop.
    Best Tarot.
    PocketSynth Professional - for composing and playing music anywhere, recording, editing, and mixing tracks... the works.
    All available at
    Latest versions of each of these play flawlessly from my mini-sd card.

    Weather To Go 3.1 (free)
    Great weather app, 3 locations on Today

    Pocket RSS 2.1 release 6 - 15 day trial, then $6.
    Pulls all RSS feeds, and can display on Today Screen.

    This works fine on my PPC 6700 Adobe Reader for PPC

    Is there a Real Player for the PPC 6700?? yes there is:

    freeware app switcher that allows you to truly close apps: Seems very simple and easy and functional so far. You can select the placement for the button, and it seems to work to put it in the top right, over the standard "x" for closing windows. EDIT: Now I've moved the button left, to just left of the EVDO indicator (and I have the clock setting to show even while apps are open, so the EVDO indicator is always in roughly the same place). Still working great.
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    First of all, I must say I am thouroughly impressed with abundance of knowledge and information that is shared. I plan on upgrading from my Dell Axim to the 700w when my NE2 is up in Feb - as long as no major bugs jump up between now and then. Anyway - I have been checking the board to see which programs are compatible with the 700w - so far must of my important one are there - can anyone verify if the following are working on the 700w - as they could be major deal breakers for me:

    - Agenda Fusion (3rd party calendar program)
    - Pocket Streets
    - Laridian Bible (never mind - I saw it was working)
    - Lexi - Comp 5 minute Clinical Consult and Drug Reference

    Thanks A bunch.
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    I think this is a summary of a lot of what is on the last post above, but in case there is anything new or missing:
    11 games that have been updated:
    Resco Explore
    Journal bar
    Pocket controller professional v5.03 Pocket Controller Professional
    SPB Pocket Plus 3.0 Spb Pocket Plus 3.0
    Resco Utility pack v5.38 Resco Utility Pack
    City Time v2.52 City Time
    FlexWallet 2005 v2.5.0 FlexWallet 2005
    ConstructCALC v3.0 ConstructCALC
    Pocket E-Sword v2.5.2 E-Sword
    The Pocket Media Player (TPMP)
    Verichat 1.32 (other versions report problems)
    Battery Pack Pro (some version have reported problems)
    Tomov pocket mechanic works
    PHM registry editor
    Themeking v2.5.7
    Phatnotes Pro
    Total Commander V2.0
    Goodlink 4.5
    Astraware textwist
    m$ cerdisp
    Wmirc 2.0
    Sunnysoft backup (use right after softreset)
    Password Juggler NX 5.0.3
    OnCourse Navigator 5
    Teletype World Navigator
    eWallet 4.02
    Pocket NAV
    Feederreader rss
    Delta airlines pocket scheduler
    Tune 2 pro nyc
    Zagat to go
    Salling clicker
    Valksoft's space reclaimer
    Wifi companion
    Inavcorp Iguidance
    SSH Pocket Putty
    Birdsoft all-in hold'em 2.21
    Marsware Weather Panel (WM5 beta)
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    From another WM05 device forum
    This is a GREAT program! I've used it for years with my old HP Jornada 568 with great results. It's one of my "must have" proggies.

    Valksoft's Space designed for WM5 compatibility!

    Functions just fine with my 6700.

    Not expensive, either. Works very nicely and quickly to get rid of JUNK (clear IE cache, temp files, dead registry keys, dead appmanager files, dead shortcuts, IE history, and much more...all user selectable).

    Installation tip: Just download the .cab file and copy it to a folder on your 6700 using ActiveSync's Explorer (I put it on my Mini SD card and it works fine from there), then open it from within the 6700. It will install itself (and give you the choice of where you want to install it).

    This program has a lot of features. CHECK IT OUT!

    ---I have to second you on Space Reclaimer. One of the first addons I purchased when I bought my first PDA's a number of years ago. Does a great job, and best of all, they give free lifetime upgrades so you can always keep fully up to date without spending another nickel. Highly recommended.
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    From a 6700 WM05 forum that might really help with some of the memory issues with the 700w
    Where is my RAM? Free!!

    This is the First Third party App I install in any device I get. I keep a lot of files containing pocket word and excel in my PDA that use a lot of memory. Sometimes an extraneous photo or PDF comes over during sync and all of a sudden the memory is gone! But what is it that has mysteriously consumed it all? This app. will quickly home in on all of your memory hogging files and programs in order that you can easily manage what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of.

    WIMR? will show you a file explorer like list of all files and directories on your device, sorted by size. WIMR? will start at the root of the device, and you can then tap directories to enter them. Use the "up" icon to go back up a level and the "refresh" icon to recalculate the current location if you change something in another application (e.g. a file explorer or in the "remove programs" control panel applet).

    There are a few options in the program:
    You can choose to show file-sizes in bytes, kilo-bytes, mega-bytes or use the 'auto' setting (files < 1024 bytes shown in bytes, files < 1048576 bytes KB and files > 1048576 in MB).

    You can choose to see only files in ROM, RAM or both. This option is to filter out the ROM items which you can't delete anyway (or the other way around: to have a peek at what's in the ROM).

    You can also delete single files directly from WIMR?, call the "Remove programs" control panel applet to uninstall complete programs, launch a file directly from WIMR? or view detailed information about a selected file.
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    Now that you've merged the two threads, how are we to tell if a product works on the 240X240 screen. Over half of the programs listed by Hobbes do not work on the Treo 700w because of the screen limitation.
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    Often times it is a two step helps to know if it works in WM05 (if not it doesn't matter if it works with 240x240 or not) and then find out if it works in 240x240.

    I know people don't usually follow guidlines of a thread, but I directed to put whether it is just WM05 confirmed only or 240x240 as well.
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    Thread title says: "Third-Party prog. THAT WORK on WM05!!" and the merge thread also has same content, it is not guaranteed to work on the 240 x 240 resolution but works with WM05.

    Please feel free to start new thread that states: "Third-Party prog. THAT WORK on WM05!! and 240 x 240 resolution" as long as you or someone could vouch for it and help the other users.
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    Did it.
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    But do I have to find a link to the software? Can't people just do a search?
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    If they must!
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    Shouldn't Beryl's entry for: (see
    Pocket TV Browser (can't put in optional registration because of 240X240 screen)
    be considered not really working since you can't put the optional registration?

    Just asking, what do you lose if you can't do the optional registration?
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