View Poll Results: Poll: Should Palm/Verizon Delayed the 700 Until DirectPush was Available?

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  • Yes - Palm/Verizon should have delayed the launch

    3 27.27%
  • No - Palm/Verizon shuld have released the 700 without DirectPush

    8 72.73%
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    This is a serious issue. Many many people that I have spoken to feel as though they have been mislead. I also did my own little Verizon store survey and several locations have had the 700 returned for this very reason: it is missing the DirectPush feature. Cleary this is a problem that is affecting a lot of people.
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    direct push may not be available but push is available right now. search the forums here, and and you will fnd the way to do it.
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    true Exchange server push is NOT available. The only way to do it is by leaving your PC on running an IntelliSync application or by the exchange server sending an SMS message. None of these are true push solutions like the blackberry. DirectPush was MS's answer and it's not available like it was supposed to be!
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    Not everyone cares about Directpush, I'm glad they got it out when they did. If you care so much, don't buy the 700 until Directpush comes out. I want mine now.

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