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    If i have my wifi on at home (assuming i have a WIFI card), will my phone calls come through normally? I would like to be able to leave my WIFI on at all times when at home (since i am in an Extended Digital area - and data does not work) but i want my phone to continue to work normally as well.. Please let me know
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    Samsung i830 Pocket PC phone for CDMA-EVDO and GSM (!) unveiled
    January 04, 2006 [Pocket PC phone]
    Updated: link to related story at Verizon added. See bottom of this news item!

    Samsung i830 has the same problem as Samsung i300: having fantastic features but being powered by outdated operating system (Windows Mobile 2003 instead of contemporary Windows Mobile 5.0):

    For some people however this phone is truly "a dream come truth": the first smartphone that supports both CDMA-EVDO (USA) and GSM (pretty much the rest of the world). It has no built-in Wi-Fi but with SDIO Wi-Fi card Wi-Fi can be added.

    Samsung i830 will go on sale at Verizon Wireless USA starting January 10, 2006 for business customers or starting January 24, 2006 for all. With 600 USD with 2 year contract this phone however will not be cheap. One must admit though that for people who like CDMA-EVDO but are traveling abroad, the Samsung i830 might be the best phone ever!

    Source: a story from Samsung Korea (in Korean).

    Conclusion: Samsung is paying much more attention to USA than to Europe and Samsung i830 is just another proof - until today Samsung has not released any Pocket PC phone in Europe yet (the Samsung i750 was supposed to be available "by the end of 2005" but never arrived to Europe). Samsung is also lagging behind with regard to UMTS and Windows Mobile 5.0 support, so all in all while Samsung's contributions to Windows Mobile phones are noteworthy, Samsung always is "one step" behind both in software and hardware ...

    Update: see also here - Verizon added more information about launch of Samsung i830!

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    That dosent really help me.... Didnt answer my question.
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    If the 700w works like the Samsung i730, the answer is no - calls will go directly to voicemail. I'm not sure if the 700w works that way though - it's so new that I don't know if anyone has even tried that yet. Also, having wifi turned on all the time will drain your battery like a m*****f***er.
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