I am a new treo 700w user. I used to have a PPC-6601 and ran an application in the background called HTTPMail which simply allowed me to get my hotmail in the PPC's Outlook, it was great!!!

The new 700w has tight intergration with hotmail, but it limits you on some key things, no matter what I change the settings too, it will only bring over like 50 emails and only 2 bytes of the email. I then have to go to each email and tell it to download it all...

I'd like to have it set up like my other PPC, where I downloaded 100K automaticialy of each email and pretty much got what I needed from the start....I loaded HTTPmail on my 700w and it didn't seem to like it, I'm guessing it had to do with Pocket PC 2003 vs Mobile 5.

So anyone found a way to better utilize hotmail within the 700w's outlook?