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    Has anyone migrated from a Palm OS system to the 700W? How have you handled the existing PIM's (calendar, contacts, tasks & memos)?
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    Just use Outlook. It'll sync. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    Or, if you want to do it the hard way (assuming your 700W has a new userid than your existing Palm) BEAM them from your old device to the new 700W. Select Beam, by category, all.

    Cheers, Perry
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    You can of cause use MassTransit to do the beaming
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    I have been in the process of migrating from Palm OS to PPC as well. I used Chapura Pocket Copy to get all of my PIM data very cleanly from Palm Desktop into Outlook 2003. Problem is, and I am still stuck here, that the field in Palm Contacts "Main" migrates those numbers over to the field "Company Main Phone" in Outlook Desktop and it is NOT viewable in the device. Obviously you can see all those phone numbers in Outlook, but when Active Sync syncs them into a WM device, you only get Business, Business Fax, Mobile and Home. I have posted elsewhere and would be immensely grateful if someone could come up with a solution. I have over 2k contact records that in Palm do use the "Main" contact field. It is not as though I can simply copy and paste them into the "Business" field in Outlook. I would be here forever. Is there a mass way of moving them or is there a way to view "Comapny Main Phone" in a WM device????

    Also, but secondary, the four Palm User defined fields show up in Outlook under Misc fields and do NOT show up as viewable in the device. Anyone have an idea of how to mass migrate those into another field in Outlook or be able to view them in a WM device???

    These issues have presented me with a hurdle that I can't get through. I have a Samsung SCH-i730 (WM2003SE) waiting and will also have a Treo 700w (WM5) in the next day or so through work to try out. However, I'm holding onto my 650 becuase without the basic data viewable in the WM device--- what is the point???

    Please, please, can someone help me out here. I am really desperate.....
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    Try transferrign from the 650 directly to the i730 via BT. Might work differently???
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    Quote Originally Posted by robber
    Try transferrign from the 650 directly to the i730 via BT. Might work differently???
    Huh??? Like beaming from the Palm Treo to a WM device? I can't think that would be succesful, but hey... worth a shot. I would need something like Mass Transit to do entire catagories. We'll see... new Treo 700w arrives Saturday AM.

    Any other ideas???

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