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    does anyone know how to change this email account? i cant figure it out.. on top of that id like for it to be my gmail account insted of the hotmail account.. becuse hotmail sucks and i want to use this function... does anyone know how to change it?

    also i almost set up my gmail account, but the only field on the 700 i couldnt fill out becuse i didnt know what the answer for it was is the Domain field?

    where do i find out what to put in there?

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    Domain field is only used for Exchange accounts - leave it blank for other accounts.

    If you want to switch between accounts while in Messaging, click the left or right button of the 5-way to rotate thru all your accounts and MMS and SMS.

    Creating a new account is done from the menus.

    If you want to edit an account,
    1. Open Messaging
    2. Select Tools > Options...
    3. Tap on the account you want to edit

    For gmail, you don't have to do anything special. Set up a pop acccount and use and for the servers. Leave domain blank. It worked first time for me.
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    thanks for the tips.. but unfortunetly not the issue i was concerned about here. what i was looking to do is change the today screen email account.. the desktop if u weill.. the blue screen that has all the speed dials etc.. right now it has Hotmail as the email account and says how manny unread emails.. id rather that was my Outlook email that was the default front screen email. but i cant figure out how to change that =/ not sure if i can eather.. but i cant imagine that you cant

    anyone know?
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    Go to messaging; Menu; Switch Accounts; Pick the account that you want displayed on the today screen and it will appear once you go back to the today screen.

    Unfortunately, the last account viewed will be the last one on the Today screen; I don't see how to set one as the default, but I could be wrong. I can't find ANY detailed information on how to use the email program.
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    On every other Windows Mobile device ALL email accounts with new/unread messages show on the Today screen. I have 5 new in my Outlook email, 1 new text message, and one on my pop3 email account and all show on the Today screen.

    However, if this Treo acts like the 650 in this respect it is only going to show the last account you were in.

    Palm is starting to get on my nerves with all the modifications they've done to the device to make it like the 650. The whole point was to get away from least, that's what would make sense.

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