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    Well i have never had a treo, never ever. I have never had a PDA of any sort.. just Series 40 Nokia phones (6230 my last).. I now want to make the big step.. My biggest thing is organization.. internet on the fly, bluetooth, GPS, Word docementation/excel... Also the ability to hook up to my schools email and get it at all times.. is this the phone for me???
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    Loaded question! First of all, don't let anyone tell you that you have to get this phone or that phone because it is perfect. Every phone has it's pros and cons. But those are subjective to each user. For example I have a PPC-6600. A common con for many people is that it is too big. For me that is a pro, because I need the extra screen real estate to view spreadsheets, web, GPS, etc...

    So I would personally advise you to list out out really what you want to do with it. What your budget is, etc...

    Some questions to ask would be:

    What OS do you want to use? Palm and WM both have advantages and disadvatanges. Some people like or hate the enviroment of one or the other. There may be a vital program that you need that is only availabe on Palm or WM.

    What carrier are you with? Can you change carriers to get any phone you want?

    You will much happier if you spend a little time researching and getting your hands on several different devices.

    Because of work, I looks like I am going to be forced to stay with WM, plus I need WIFI support if it is not already integrated into the phone. So for me some of my choices would be:

    Treo 700w

    If you invest a little time to make sure the Pros for your phone out weigh the Cons for your own personal needs, wants, desire, geek factor, etc... Then no matter what phone you choose you will be happy.
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    Carrier: Cingular
    I will pay the ETF to go to verizon to get this phone. I have played with both the treo 700w and sprints verion of the 6700.. I think i like the treo first because its a phone first, then a PDA where as i feel that the 6600/6700 is the other way around.

    I have never used WM5 or POS enough to judge them both, but i have played with both them. I think i am partial to windows cause i have used it before and am familiar with it... I have played around with the Palm OS. I have heard good and bad things about it, but alot of good. I love the interface of WM05 though and MSWord on there. i also like high speed internet. When did you convert to WM05 from palm? How do you like it? What, in your opinion, are pro's and con's to each.
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    Here is a review of the Treo700w posted on the front page of TC it has some comparisons ( good read )

    Read then follow links at bottom of page to go to next page
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