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    Can someone who has a Treo 700 please tell me how the earpiece volume compares to the 650? I was unable to use the 650 because the earpiece volume was too low for my poor ears. Even after installing volumecare I still thought the volume was too low for me to use the 650. I am hoping that the 700 has better earpiece volume. Thanks
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    I think the earpiece volume is slightly better than it was on the 650. However, in my opinion, it is not as loud as it can get with Volumecare.
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    THanks for the reply. I am sorry to hear that the volume level on the 700 is not good. Sounds like another negative fact about the phone.
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    I stopped into a verizon store today and they didn't have a working model to play with but the salesman told me the earpiece volume was much louder than the 600/650. But, in order to test it myself I had to buy one as they didn't have a test unit out for public play. Can others please comment on the volume of the earpiece please. Thanks
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    I have found the earpiece volume to be acceptable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by needeln
    I have found the earpiece volume to be acceptable.
    I agree, it's just fine.
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    does this mean it's louder than the 650? Or the same? I have the samsung i500 now and have found that the i500 is much louder than any 650 I have tried. Can anyone compare who has the 700? Thanks
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    I have been using the 700 for a couple of days and the earpiece is definately louder and clearer then the 650. I don't even have mine turned all the way up (which I definately had to on the 650, even with volume care installed)
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    great news. I read howard forms reviews and a few people who got the 700 report better reception and louder earpiece volume. I would love for someone to post a comparison of the i500 ear volume versus the 700. thanks to all who have compared and reported for me . thanks
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    Reception is a ton better then the 650! as far as comparison to the i500 I don't know because I never owned that particular phone
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    I have a 700w for the next week or so, and I still use my 650 as the main phone. I also have bad hearing, so here's what I have found:

    1) 700w earpiece out of the box is much louder than the 650 -- it gets pretty loud.
    2) Not as loud as Volume Care on the 650, but that would blow the speaker.

    Bluetooth volume using my Scala 500 set is louder too, but it is very crackly -- since the 700 supports BT 1.2 I expected better -- it actualy seems worse than the 650. Connection times are much better pretty much instant -- a big improvement over the 650.

    Reception seems about the same as any Verizon phone -- no better or worse.

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    Glen, thanks for your input. It seems to be consistent that everyone who has the 700 thinks the earpiece volume is better than the 650. Sorry to hear that the Scala headset crackles alot.
    I would still like someone to compare the i500 to the 700. Thanks
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    Can anyone else report on the earpiece volume? Thanks

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