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    I've been interesting in getting a 700 for awhile. though, i've had a few questions that have kept me weary of buying one. ok here they go:

    1. is the 700 strong enough to run gb/nes/snes emulators?

    2. i'm assuming that windows mobile is the same thing as pocket pc. does that mean the 700 can run every program made for pocket pc?

    3. is it required to get a data plan to surf the internet, or are there others ways to get on the internet?

    I'd appriecate ANYONES help, thanks in advance.
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    a ds emulator would be nice too
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    can't speak to game emulators but I don't see why not. A pda with wm 5.0 and 312 mhz processor would do it I'm sure.

    It can't run every program for pocket pc. I tried pocket connection mgr on it and it didn't work.

    must have data to surf. NO WIFI. it's data or nothing. Well, you can do reverse tethering. use your pre existing broadband connection to surf on the pda while you're within range. no wifi, though, so you'd have to use bluetooth. I haven't tried it yet because I have no need.
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    does anyone know if emulators work?

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