Before people get really excited I think it important to consider the amount of memory available to the Treo 700w user. Palm/Verizon mention 128MB/60MB (user available) memory. This 60MB they mention is only for storage of applications. From all reports and screen shots it appears that the Treo 700w has only 32MB of RAM to execute programs and of that 32MB about 1/2 is used by the phone and operating system. This leaves the user around 15MB RAM to execute programs/Today Plugins/etc. It is not enough.

I am not a Windows Mobile hater, actually I own and use a Dell Axim x50v, and I really like it. It's just that I was excited about this Treo 700w and was going to order it until I read about the lack of RAM available to execute programs and was really disappointed.

Just something to consider before you eBay the Treo 650 as I was about to do.