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    Quote Originally Posted by remus777
    does pdanet cost money? if so, how much?
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    I really hope that someone comes up with a fix like ShadowMite did for Sprint (which later worked on Verizon). PDAnet would NOT be my method of choice for solving this issue. The carriers of course see this as a money thing, and prolly a "We don't have enough bandwith like we thought" thing. I know VZW once was all about replacing your current ISP with VeriZon wireless, maybe they bit off more than they could chew.

    At the same time, DUN on other phones was restricted/blocked for VZW, then thanks to customer wailing, it's now acceptable as a use for your phone. I REALLY don't think that the majority of the public will even KNOW about this feature, much less use it all the time. If some geek sets up a server and wants to leave the treo at home all the sure is an expensive way to do it. I know I wouldn't. Plus they can track how long you are online and when, so it's not like they can't tell.

    What if you were to sign up for the DUN plan, get whatever software they give you to fix it, (pass it along to the rest of the community if possible ), then keep it a few months to stay under the radar, then cancel it? I wish it were that simple...maybe it is or will be. Time will tell.
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    i love PDAnet. it is the only way I get internet in the sticks!!!

    and I still know when people try to call since I get the voicmail notifier even when using rxtt
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    I've been using PDAnet with a windows machine for some time. Then, I read this on the website:

    Does PdaNet support Mac/OS X?

    PdaNet does not support USB tethering on Mac. However PdaNet does expose a standard Bluetooth DUN service which can be connected from Mac if it supports Bluetooth, although you still need to install and activate PdaNet through a Windows PC. You can see more details from Bluetooth setup.

    AND IT WORKS!!!! I connected to the treo from an iBook, using the Bluetooth connection stuff -- and it exposed a BT "modem" interface. PDANet has gone above and beyond the call of duty. It rocks!
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    Yeah, I know. I was pretty impressed when I saw that too. I'm amout to pay them their money right now before my trial ends and I end up somewhere where I need internet.
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    I installed PdaNet for 700p on my Treo 700p and it has not exposed a BT modem interface. Did you actually connect to the internet via the phone from your iBook. Were you using the PdaNet for 700p? Any specifics are appreciated.
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    Look at Install the Phone-as-Modem hack (Treo 700p only)

    Works great and you dont have to pay the extra 15 a month to tether.

    Create a DUN with user name x=10 digit phone number
    Password is vzw
    Phone number to dial is #777
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