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    I have a 650, but there are a few things that were lacking. I hoped the new 700 would fix these issues.

    Better camera
    Up to 1.3 MP instead of 0.3, but I would still like 2.0 MP (1600x1200).

    More memory onboard
    Up from 64 MB to 128, but I hear Windows takes more space so the gain is minimial. Why can't they offer a 2GB or 4 GB version? I love having a boatload of mp3 on my treo.

    WiFi onboard, no SD card required
    Apparently, WiFi may be enabled on the 700, but I think you still need a SD card. The cell providers will fight WiFi forever so they can sell you a data package, so it may be a while.

    Normal head / mic jack
    I hate having to use special headphones / mics for the Treo. Standard 1/8 inch jack should be used, but no change in the 700 AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK.

    Bigger screen, higher resolution
    I think the 700 is still the same as the 650. No sure how to fit a bigger screen on, unless you minimize the speaker and compress some of the navigation buttons. Ideally 800x600 would be terrific...

    Wireless stereo bluetooth
    I want wireless headphones that acutally work and work with MP3s. 650 bouetooth stunk, not sure on the 700 still. I hear BT 2.0 may have stereo capability, but I think 700 uses BT 1.2.

    Dual SD card slots
    I want my 2.0 GB card and a peripheral, either a VGA out or GPS or whatever. One slot is limiting. 650 and 700 only have one.

    More buttons.
    I would like more navigation buttons, maybe on the side. I like shortcuts to applications, and four on the 650 / 700 is a little short. Put three on the right side, or maybe a couple more on the left.

    Always dreaming for smaller and better, but 650 and 700 are basically the same. Any smaller and it may be too small and fragile. 650 is a good size for me as it stand. The original convergence devices were bricks.

    So I see little motivation for me to upgrade from a 650... Still, I do love my 650 although it has limtations.
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    Are you serious? And how much will the phone cost. Given those features, how about an HDTV receiver?
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    which is Starbucks compatible!
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    Quote Originally Posted by slinky
    Are you serious? And .how much will the phone cost. Given those features, how about an HDTV receiver?
    A couple of GB ram does not cost too much, maybe $100. A WiFi chip is also cheap. 2 or 3 MP camera is about the same as the 1.3 in the 700.

    Wireless stereo bluetooth is not even out for anyone currently, so we all have to wait.

    Two SD slots and a normal head phone jack don't add much.

    Bigger screen and higher res is like BT 2.0, it just is not available for PDAs right now. I don't think anyone hase a 800x600 screen in 2"x3" form factor, and the treo video system couldn't drive it if it could.

    320x320 is about .1 MP, while 800x600 is about .5 MP, so it would be a huge increase in capability, even if they could fit it in.

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