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    How much you Paid. $499 no tax or shipping, 1 yr contract
    Where did you get your phone (online, or in store).
    New or Existing Customer. New

    Did you have to get them to do anything (special discount, coupon) to get that price. That's the standard price from Palm. I guess there's tax in some locations, not mine. I'm going to try to get the 35$ fee waved at VZN and also get the 2000 / month text messaging. It appears there are know real deals around. You can only get them from Verizon or Palm at the moment. I guess that's why. In 2 or 3 months there'll probably be all kinds of deals. By fall you'll be able to get them for $200.
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    I paid $499 - $60 (credit to my bill). 2 year service contract NE2 didn't move.
    I have a plan of >$79. Wasn't due for an upgrade until May.
    I called *611 and pitched a fit and got the $60 off. YMMV. I've been a customer since before Verizon.
    My service dates back to GTE Mobilnet (1994).
    When I get ready to accept the contract I may go for the data plan. Not sure if I want it or not.
    But If i decide to get it, I want the $100.

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    Ordered mine on Jan 5th.

    I paid $499 - $100 NE2 discount - $100 Unlimited Data discount for a total of $348, which includes tax and overnight shipping.

    I've heard the discounts weren't stackable, but my CS rep was very helpful. She credited my bill $200 to reflect both discounts.
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    I paid $399 with my phone credit of $100 Total $399 no tax. DE tax free
    Existing customer, 3 line just transfered the 650 over to a dormant line I dont really use too much.
    Got it in VZW store 2 days prior to official release and availability online or instore. I was pretty psyched. first kid on the block lol
    No additional discounts. They actually got 3 instock for the first shipment but I must have talked to the right person becasue every other person who called the store was told they didnt have any, and I was the only one to be able to buy one. Most other store were only shipped one. They didnt even have a store display or one to show.
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