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    are you talking about the 650 or 700w. If about the 650, I totally agree.
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    Today, I too played with a new 700 windows model at the local Verizon store. I like the design of the upper 2 buttons better, which are bigger. The left side volume rocker buttons are more streamlined too. When I pressed the main button, the home/apps page immediately popped up, which was very speedy. The size and weight seem about the same as a T650 to me. The new price tag (without any discount) is $619. With discount and 2 year deal, it is something like $499. Verizon guy said only they carry the 700w at this time...too bad, since I'm with Sprint. The main reason I'm not getting the 700w is because none of my Palm apps with work. I will wait for the Palm O.S. version instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glenn95
    Forgive my ignorance, what's "WM5" and "OS"?
    WM5 is short for Windows Mobile 2005, and OS is just a reference to Operating System.
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