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    Quote Originally Posted by gex
    You can stream XM radio with the built in media player... you just need to create a custom playlist that includes your login info. Will provide a link to inst. if interested.
    you are my friend for life! i was bummed initially because i couldnt get to launch WMP till i was referred to your site. THANK YOU!
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    anyone here using Orb (Audio streams) w/ a different player other than WMP? WMP screws up a lot. It would be great to be able to use GSPlayer or TCPMP.
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    I use the beta GSPlayer made for WM5 on the 700w all the time.. It lets me listen to the higher sized MP3 streams that seem to sound better than the lower WMA streams.
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    gex- I use GSPlayer all the time for MP3s off the storage card or shoutcast streams. It is a great program. I want to be able to use it for Orb streams. Orb defaults to WMP and it is hit or miss whether it will buffer and play correctly. Any ideas how to get GSPlayer to associate with Orb media?
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