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    The sad rumor is that the new Treo 700w is shipping without MSFP installed. Well...

    Here is a preview picture of what the Activesync setup screen on the Treo 700w will look like when it gets MSFP (Messaging and Security Feature Pack).

    Otherwise known as "Direct Push".

    Note: The picture above shows the option to sync Tasks with the Exchange Server. This feature is not available on the smartphone out-of-the-box, but may become available through a software update. Check Palm Support for updates.

    Source: Palm Support Knowledge Library
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    Hi All:

    I have a 650 running on Goodlink (and we run the latest version of SBS Server). With Goodlink -- everything works perfect (at least when it comes email/cal/contacts sync).

    I am thinking about getting the 700w. Does anyone have experience with WM and synching with exhange directly?

    Is it real time?

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    <merged> Maybe this partially answers your question ...
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    Really sad since it was demonstrated at the launch announcement with Verizon. It can be seen in the video. Seems very misleading to me.

    Anyone have any firm dates on when the messaging pack update will be offered from Palm?

    Guess i'll stick with my 650 and Chatter until these guys get their act together!

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