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    I had no choice, I had to order...not sure why. Verizon gives 30 days to return no questions asked and they gave me a great price, and are billing it to me so I don't pay $0.01 up front. I figured I'll try it for 2 weeks and if I didn't like it, I would return it.

    Anyone else doing this?

    I am not a huge fan of PPC, I've had and used quite a bit of them over the years and always stuck with my palm...but I think the palm OS might be at its limit with phones and I am curious to see what I could do with a PPC phone.

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    I didn't care for the way Windows Mobile 2003 worked as a phone, but I was pleasantly surprised at how much of an improvement WM 2005 and/or the Palm tweaks to it are. I like it a great deal more than the 650.
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    Verizon offers a 15 day return window, not 30 days.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ppcmd
    Verizon offers a 15 day return window, not 30 days.
    For some reason I was given 30, it was printed in the return items...not sure if its because I have a large business account or because of another reason that I don't know, but it was clearly 30 days.

    Either way, I returned it 2 days after getting it, 8 hours of tech support and we couldnt get it to BT Sync with any of my 3 PCs that have BT. Oh well, back to the 650.

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    In California, state law requires a 30 day return privilege. Other places might also.
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