View Poll Results: Is the Treo 700W a significant step forward or is the Treo line simply crawling along

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  • Yes, the Treo 700w is an excellent new piece of technology.

    44 46.32%
  • No, the Treo 700w has unimpressive, lagging specs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob-C
    I would have to say I trust the reviewer that had one in his hand more than a screenshot of who knows what. It's 60 MB of usable system memory according to Palm and the reviewer. Since it has 128 MB total, I don't know why anyone would doubt this. No way the OS is using 103 MB of memory and leaving the user with 25 MB.
    I cant believe this argument is still going on.

    Quote Originally Posted by Christopher Spera
    Quote Originally Posted by crazyphill
    It states 128/60 storage. The 128 is for ROM and the 60 is for RAM. Just because VzW marketing dept worded it that way doesn't change the facts.

    You're wrong. Period. You're wrong. I spoke with Palm today PERSONALLY. I was VERY specific about this question because I knew people would be interested in this particular specirication. The device only has 32MB of Program RAM. The figures you quote are for Storage. The device has a 128MB ROM, part of which is taken up by the OS, their custom apps and MS Voice Command, leaving roughly 60MB of Storage left, hence the 128/60.

    I have the device in my hands, and have since EARLY this morning (04-Jan-06). The device unfortunately only has 32MB of Program RAM. Its unfortunate, sad; but unfortunately true.

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    The Treo 700w has as much RAM as the cheapest PPC, the HP rx1950.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tre-i-e-i-o
    While not a HUGE upgrade, it is a significant upgrade of a device only a year old:

    1. EVDO: this is HUGE, I would already have the 650 if it had EVDO
    2. Different (better/worse is opinion) OS - HUGE considering the broader appeal of the device and the greater amount of included software/robust capability
    3. Different processor with onboard cache
    4. 4x the camera resolution - huge for some (I'm in this category)

    The only downgrade is the screen resolution, which I will agree is annoying at best. It's an unfortunate side effect of the OS but is vexing.

    And why mess with the Treo's what most people love most about the device. The main appeal is the OS...although it will only appeal to some. The device is only a year really can't expect a huge hardware bump.
    Don't forget -- Voice Command rules!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by surur
    I cant believe this argument is still going on.

    The Treo 700w has as much RAM as the cheapest PPC, the HP rx1950.

    Yes, and that's ridiculous for the price($400 and up)!!
    HP has officially ruined it's own platform and kicked webOS loyalists and early TouchPad adopters to the curb. You think after you drop it like a hot potato and mention it made no money and is costing you money, anyone else wants it??? Way to go HP!!

    And some people are fools to keep believing their hype. HP has shown they will throw webOS under the bus and people are still having faith in them??? News flash: if it's own company won't stand behind it, it's finished!
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    This is one of those polls where the wording can influence the outcome..

    For palmos users... the 700w is nothing special. But it is important for Palm and for WM users...
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    Yes, the Treo 700w is a commendable improvement. I cannot see what is all the complaints about. The T650 did not come out of the box extraordinary great, there has been 2 upgrades plus a free 128 SD memory upgrade.

    If the 240x240 is so bad then why does it looks better than the T650 out of the box? Just look at the photos posted. The real only difference I’ve seen because I have both the T700w & the T650 is when you look at the browsers and going to the same web page, you can read the fine print words better in the T650 but it could actually be the rendering of IE verses Blazer, Blazer does a better job. Opera suppose to have a version for Mobile 5 soon.
    EDVO is hot! No comparison! My service for unlimited is $30 not $49.95 that I am paying for T650 service. Oh yea, I have both phones right now for 2 more months so that I don’t pay the cancellation fees.

    Memory problems are not a problem to me with T700w. The T650 can never or will ever be able to run as many programs at one time verses the T700w. I can open my Bible program, Word, SMS, IE and listen to my 2GB of music at the same time. I can listen to music and open another program with T650 but that’s it, maxed out. If that going backwards then Windows98se is better than WindowsXP… go figure…

    There is clarity now. The echo’s are gone… No more echo’s. It was the phone, T650. I had to buy software to hear! That’s crazy, VolumeCare was the solution. Those are petty things T650 loyalist won’t or will not admit.

    How about the random reboots in the T650? Honestly, I had the same lock-ups in T750 but I did a hard reset and it solved that problem, no freeze ups in 2 days.

    I am a power user of Palm and I actually wrote a few small programs for T650, now I will write a few programs for the T700w. I have bought several programs to help out the T650 times 2 because my wife and I have the T650.
    • My Bible – $24.99
    • MobiTV – $39.95 or $9.95 monthly
    • KeyCaps – Free
    • KB Lights – Free
    • VolumeCare Pro – $19.95
    • Technician – $9.95
    • SplashID – $29.95
    • Pocket Tunes Deluxe – $34.95
    • TAKEphONE – $19.95

    Plus don't forget - Voice Command rules!! Not comparison hands down.

    My wife has had Tmobile SideKick I & II, but she loves her T650, she listens to classical music all day at work with her Seido Desk Charger with her Bose Desk speakers. She don’t want to search the web or do anything on my T700w because she is loyal to palm, granted she has a DELL AXIM X30 with 624Mhz that she checks her mail with because T650 doesn’t do it like a pocketpc can, so she says. But I showed her all my emails were on the T700w through ActiveSync, she is still jealous.

    In conclusion, yes, the Treo 700w is a commendable improvement.
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    I'm interested to hear how well PDANet works as an EVDO modem for a computer. That could potentially provide a pretty nice broadband saving.
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    how did you get unlimited data for just 30 bucks a month??
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