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    Hi ended up ordering mine online, says should be here on friday.

    I need a wireless ear piece, can anyone recommend me a good one?

    I also need a good belt clip, anything on that?

    I would like to be able to use AIM on it, any software that works well for that?

    Thanks for the help so far, any other must haves for the phone? I need to pick up a car charger also. Where is the best place to buy the accesories?
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    a hammer to crush your 650

    Current:Cingular 8525 w/Faria R32

    Next Phone:
    Something from HTC because Palm sucks, so I want a Touch Pro, Touch HD, or a Treo Pro.
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    Hah i have a i860 and sidekick II atm =).

    Anyone have any feedback on the Seidio Shield Holster for Treo 700w/650?

    I like that it clips in and out of that, anyone use it?

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    I am sure you can find many threads about the Sedio Shield Holster, which is my preferred holster. Mine is on order, and after much research, I have found this to be closest to what I am looking for... high quality, secure, lockable swivel action, and easy access in and out. I would definitely go with this if youre used to the business style holsters.

    Now.... BT headsets are another story! Since no one knows which BT headset works best with the 700w (except the lucky press), so this is going to be more of a matter of taste and needs. The closest headset for the 650 may not be perform the same for the 700w. Since the 700w has BT 1.2, more headsets may be compatible and work better than with the 650. I would start with the TWH (Treo Wireless Headset) and the HB 300 and the Jabra JX10 (getting a lot of buzz for its style and all around function).

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