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    I am thinking of purchasing the Treo 700w if it will give me real-time push email (like the Blackberry). However, I don't have Exchange Server. If I were to sign up for a hosted microsoft exchange email account (like and forward the mail from my pop3 servers to this new account, would I then receive true push email on the Treo 700w?

    Additionally, does anyone know of a Palm OS emulator that could be run on the Treo 700w? I am in the medical profession and some of my current Palm apps are not offered for Windows. Thus, I was hoping an emulator existed so that I could still run these programs on the new Treo.

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    Styletap is a POS emulator thats quite mature and still under active development. I do not know if its compatible with WM5 and a 240x240 screen however, but if not now it should be in the near future.
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    Thanks Surur.
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    StyleTap Inc. now supports the Treo 700w in its latest version (0.9.108) which is now available on our website ( Users can now run thousands of programs originally written for Palm OS on their Treo 700ws.

    BTW, I would recommend that anyone using it on a Treo 700w, should be sure to read the release notes

    I think that it interesting to note that a lot of WM applications do not run properly or are awkward to use on square screen WM 5 devices, but Palm applications are a perfect fit.


    Robert Chew
    StyleTap Inc.

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