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    Any idea on when Cingular will get the Treo 700W/P?
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    I have been reading in various posts/articles, that we won't see a GSM version until summer/fall. I hope I am wrong.
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    Signs point to mid to late May at earliest. Late June at latest.
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    I have been away from the boards for a while due to a busy work flow. Has there been any release date for the 700w on Cingular as of yet? TIA!!!
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    After 6months or so
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    can you please next time form this into a question and not a statement. Thanks.
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    <Title changed>
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    HAHA, I was going to say "Looked like a question to me" but I know what you are talking about now. Sorry for the mixup?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisLuce
    ....<snip>...Sorry for the mixup?
    Now shouldn't this sentence end with a period.
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    Have there been any announcements as to when the 700w will come out in a gsm version for Cingular?
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    there haven't been.
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    It might be called Hollywood and have no antenna -- but speculation to date has put it into the 3rd quarter. . . .
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    This is merely speculative, I was recently over at Cingular corporate asking about when they will recieve the Palm 700W and there feeling was since they had the Motorola razor exclusive for 1 year, then Verizon will have a 1 year exclusive setup with Palm, that's their rational.

    If Palm sees that they are not selling enough of 700W, then they may want to open he doors to other carriers to help recoupe revenues and their R&D.
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    ED COLLIGAN, Nov 8, 2005[/B[B]]We have a rich product roadmap of Palm OS-based handheld computers, mobile managers AND Treo smartphones that we intend to deliver. Our Palm OS customer loyalty is extremely high, and we intend to continue to earn that loyalty with great Palm OS-based products. We have sold more than 30 million Palm OS-based products over the years, and it is not our intent to walk away from such a strong and loyal user base. That's why in May we extended our license for Palm OS, giving us the right to continue to make and market Palm OS-based products until 2010.

    Treo 700p, Hollywood, Lowrider Treos Coming Next Year
    Posted By: Ryan on Monday, November 21, 2005 11:38:15 AM Sagio Investments, one of the largest Palm shareholders, has released a new investment report on Palm Inc. The report details Palm's current business strategy and market analysis. The report even goes on to detail a number of future Treo product releases for 2006.

    The Palm research report has been posted by Sagio Investments here (.pdf link).

    Highlights Include:

    Smartphones represented 67% of revenues in 1Q06, growing 167% yoy. Palm also picked up market share in the US with 31% of the market second only to RIMM (55%). PALM had 11% of worldwide market share behind both RIMM (22%) and NOKIA (17%).
    Palm's handheld market-share in the US is 61%
    According to industry report the market for data enabled devices (Treo and blackberry line) will grow tenfold by 2008. Passing from an estimate 4 millions devices to an estimate 40 millions.
    They claim Push Email is the first real killer-app for Smartphones and compares it to the introduction on of spreadsheets and Word for PC.
    Palm has a competitive advantage because it can run the most Push email systems on the market
    Palm has a very high chance to ship over 2.5 million Smartphones in fiscal 2006
    They conclude that Palm's stock valuation is currently "cheap" and compare it's price to Apple Computer's before the company introduced the iPod line.
    New Treo Products
    The report also details that the company has learned that Palm will introduce several new Treo models in 2006. These include the Treo 700w (the Windows Mobile Treo), a 700p (the same model running Palm OS Garnet) as well as two new designs code-named "Hollywood" and "Lowrider".

    We know that PALM will introduce four new models in CY 06. In January they will introduce the already announced Treo 700 Windows which will be a Verizon exclusivity it will be the first EV-DO Treo on the market. Around the same time we believe PALM will launch a Treo 700p running PALM OS on the Sprint network, both devices will keep same form factor and will capitalize on the Treo strong foothold in the US enterprise Market.
    We also learned that PALM will be launching two new products around March 06 codenamed “Hollywood” and “Lowrider”. According to the Morgan Stanley analyst in Asia (covers HTC) the estimate production output will be 200K devices/month.

    Hollywood” will be a fancier 3G/GSM smartphone which will represent PALM first attempt at the European GSM market. We know the phone will have no external antenna and will probably he launched by Cingular in the US.
    “Lowrider” will be a sub-$300 devices utilizing previous generation radios and providing PALM with an entry level PDA.

    Thanks to David Beers for the tip.

    Palm Says 3 New Treo Smartphones in 2006
    Posted By: Ryan on Tuesday, December 20, 2005 6:11:29 PM Palm CEO Ed Colligan stated in todays Palm's earnings conference call that Palm will announce three new smartphones next year, in addition to the Treo 700w. Read on for more details.

    "We'll roll out the Palm Treo 700w smartphone based on Microsoft's Windows Mobile, and we'll announce three additional new smartphones during calendar year 2006." said said Ed Colligan. During the conference call he further stated that these new models will debut with new industrial designs and at different price points. They will also implement next-generation radio technologies.
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    I just spoke with our Cingular rep and he stated that due to numerous returns and problems with the Edge network and Treo's that Cingular is waiting to move to a UTMS ( I may have that wrong ) network that is suppose to be faster then Edge. Once the network is enabled and the lessons learned from the Verizon WM5 Treo are reviewed Cingular will have the 700W but looks like the end of the year.

    I will be the first one in line to buy one since WM5 works seamlessly with my companies network.
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    Does anyone have any info on weather the 700w will be available to Cingular subs?

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    rumor has it that it will come to gsm 3rd qtr of 06?
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    For what it's worth, I don't think the 700w will ever come out on Cingular. Instead, Palm will focus the rumored WM GSM "Hollywood" device imo...
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