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    I definitely need a new phone and have been a fan of PDA phones for some time. My current phone/wireless provider has not been reliable at my new workplace. So a new provider and phone is part of the consideration. The Treo line interests me a great deal (both the 650 and 700w). After reading about both products, I enter a Verizon store and began inquiring about the 700w. As mentioned on the forum the launch date is Jan 5th, yet the CSR did not have additional information when the stores would have them for purchase. She mentioned the phone carries an estimated price of $499.99; yet some promotion may surround the launch, which may provides additional discounts.

    The discussion covered the basics, yet one point did alarm me, which leads me to my questions. The CSR mentioned that Verizon does not sell the Treo without a data plan. Verizon found that it was protection insurance from huge overages in data usage. The CSR said that Verizon made the policies after several customers complained about $4000 monthly bills.

    In addition, wireless providers have extended their contract to 2 years unlike many 1 yearr contracts offered in the past. Typically, the Treo's PDA features interest me more than web connectivity. I have no interest in paying an additional thirty dollars for connectivity to EVDO. If I need the constant push email, then the Blackberry/sidekick would be a consideration as well; and my company should reimburse me for it.

    My first question relates to buying any Treo without a data plan and receiving the rebate. Can it be done? Or does the CSR want me in a fat 2 year contract. I would be willing to pay $59 a month, but not $79 (it will be a $100 with the taxes).

    Second, does it make sense to pay as you go with any data plan. I only find it useful when traveling a couple times a year. My Sprint phone has wireless web and I have used it 8 times in 5 years. So you may realize why this data plan requirement alarms me. My personal email, downloading content to my phone, browsing the web does not merit the additional thirty dollars a month. My home and office already have high speed internet. In addition, a wifi card should help me in some tight situation when you need connectivity in public places.

    Third, how do you avoid data usage overages? Can you completely disable the dial-up feature? Do applications exist, which monitor your data usage? Please give suggestion for both the Palm OS and Window Mobile platform.

    Please add any additional suggestions relevant in choosing the Treo 700w or 650. I am not looking for specs per se. Comments about what people do with their Treo help; what will a person be able to do different with the 700w? Any comments on finding better deals with wireless providers or phone would definitely help as well.
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    You can disable the dial-up feature. My mom has been using my old Treo 600 for months with no data capabilities. She uses it for text messaging, calls, and all of her Palm apps.

    I believe VZW is frustrated with having to reverse the >$1K bills. If they say you can't pay as you go with the new Treos, you need to choose a data plan. This is about the best you are going to do on VZW:
    $39.99 - voice
    $24.99 - 10MB data plan
    $64.98 - total before taxes

    If this doesn't work for you economically, you should stick with SPCS or TMO who have much better rates for their plans.
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    Also note that if you want the 700w, you have no options other than Verizon, at least for the next few months.

    And neither the 700 nor the 650 from Verizon will work overseas - they're both CDMA devices.
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    Do you mean they won't work overseas since their CDMA or will work in certain markets like South Korea that support CDMA?
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    Thanks for all your comments. It sound like the CSR was pushing me to the data plan. I may have to try several Verizon stores before someone allows me to purchase the phone without the data plan (and hopefully they still have the phone in stock). The Palm store told me that I could purchase the 700w from them without a data plan at full price. The question would be if Verizon would honor rebates for new activations on the phone when you purchase it at the Palm store. In theory, Verizon should still give you the rebate; but in practice it may be a hassle. Let me know if anyone has had experience with obtaining these rebates after buying the phone (provider compatible) somewhere else. Does anyone have any recommendations for deals on either 650 or 700w at full retail price (ebay, online, etc.)?
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    I have the Treo 650 with T-Mobile. $40 per month for standard voice, plus $5 per month for TZones data. I've found their service to be top notch and customer care excellent. YMMV.

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