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    Treonaut Part 1 review up. Looking good so far, but he promises some bad news later.

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    Nice review. I like the fact that he is new to WM and appears to have kept an open mind. Subsequent reviews -- after the honeymoon is over -- will be also of interest.
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    The review suggests Palm has modified WM5 quite a bit. I have tested the new Sprint WM5 phone with the sideways keyboard and found the OS annoying to navigate. I get the impression that Palm has given WM5 the missing gloss it needed to make it highly usable. I am keen to hear more of the review.
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    will the 700W be able to multitask and multiple internet pages?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Advance The Man
    will the 700W be able to multitask and multiple internet pages?
    You can do tabs if you use Minimo, but the program is still in beta. And the windows OS does allow multitasking.

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    As a past Smartphone 2002 user (which is a predecessor to WM5) I can honestly tell you WM multitasks MUCH better than the current POS. Even the 2002 version of WM did a better job.
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    What I am trying to find out based on the screen shots now up at Treonauts is it says 25.45 Program RAM (with 14.61MB in use) leaving 10.84MB. My question there is what apps are they running. Is teh 25.45MB RAM with the OS running already (meaning a 32MB reduced to 25.45) or is it 25.45MB - OS running = 14.61MB? If the latter is true then Palm really screwed up. 25.45MB is ok, but I want to see what PPCtechs plans for a 64MB RAM upgrade or higher is possible. I will take the plunge, have in the past and have found it to be excellent.
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    That was posted on the 20th, hopefully they put the next part up, as I'm anxious to see what they have to say on the phone functions.

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