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    How big of an SD card will the Treo 700w (ie WM 5) be able to read? I know you can buy up to 4 gb (too pricey) so I was thinking 2gb. Can the Treo 700w read this or does it top out at 1gb? I read the users manual but it was unclear. Thanks!
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    since the treo 650 can read a 2gb I bet the 700 does at least that.
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    can the 650 do 2GB? i thought it was 1 gb. what brand is the most likely to work with 650?
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    Expansys lists many WM devices being compatible with a 4GB SD card. They also mention the Treo 650, so take it with a pinch of salt. However PPC's have used 4GB CF cards for many years without any problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eldiablo
    can the 650 do 2GB?

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