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    According to Engadget. Verizon is getting the Wizard too. And the kicker is you can't run wifi and phone at the same time in the Verizon version. Just like the Samsung i730.

    Got to love Verizon. They don't have a monopoly, but still act like a evil monopoly company anyway.

    The 700w probably can't run wifi and phone at the same time.
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    It's easy enough to fix. It's not a problem on the i730.
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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever7
    The 700w probably can't run wifi and phone at the same time.
    I'd say this would be a good bet since the 700w isn't going include WiFi (though perhaps it may still be true even with a WiFi SDIO card). I agree, though, that Verizon is on a very high horse. Yes Verizon we can hear you, and it ain't "good."
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    No way will you be able to use wifi and phone at same time. i730 and apache on vzw cannot do them at same time due to vzw crippling. There is a workaround but why do they have to be such you know whats at verizon.
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    I think you will be able to use wifi and phone at same time, especially since the 700w will not have wifi included. Simply plug in an SDI/O wifi card and you will be set. Its a completely different scenario with the I730/xv6700 since those have wifi builtin, Verizon doesn't have to do much work to make it so you can't use both at the same time. However, what are they going to do with the 700W, alter it so the SD card slot doesn't work during a phone call so that you can't use a SDIO wifi card? I highly doubt even Verizon is that stupid.
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    No - just kick it in the shins enough so it won't use WiFi for Skype if there is a Verizon cellular signal in the builidng - can't have those customers skipping out on plan minutes.
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    They would have to get into the OS itself and make changes that may or may not be stable later on. So hopefully the lack of a WiFi radio will ultimately be a plus and push users to the Treo 700w for just that reason. Of course we will have to get an EV-DO data plan for $45 no doubt.

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