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    I just found my old original Palm Pre and would like to get it running again. No need for mobile network, just over wifi will be great.

    I managed to get past the activation screen using advice found on this forum.

    However, the touchscreen does not respond to any of my taps or gestures.

    I used WebOS Quick Install to reinstall the official webOS 1.4.5 kernel, but still no touchscreen responsiveness.

    I was going to try WebOS Doctor, but I can't find a version that will work with my device: Bell Mobility Pre P100EWW. The link from here is dead.

    Any advice on how to get this device up and running would be very much appreciated.

    This was my first ever smart phone, and still remains my favorite device of all time. It would be great to get it running again.

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    Alas, this is a common hardware failure for the original Pre and not something you can fix with software.
    I've had some success jamming a thin shim between the battery and the cover -- like a piece of cardboard from a cereal box -- that puts gentle pressure on the digitizer from the back. Another method that works for one of my Pre phones is to open and close it; sometimes it works better when open, other times when closed.
    Sorry you're having this problem -- maybe you can complain to the manufacturer... oh, wait
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