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    Hi Everyone,

    So I stupidly decided to wipe my Sprint Pre. It got stuck, so I pulled the battery. Now when powering on it freezes at the palm logo.

    I have been through a couple computers since I have done anything with my Pre, so I do not have webOS doctor or anything. I am also having trouble finding webOS doctor.

    If I hold the volume up while it it plugged in and power it on, it will go to USB mode, but I have a win10 PC with no palm files.

    Can anyone offer any help please. Links do the necessary programs, and an explanation of what to do like I am five!

    Thank you so much!
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    Hi @daikon1, you can still get Doctor files from HP, you just need to edit your HOSTS file. See:
    There is also a way to download them all:

    -Good luck
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