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    Hey all,

    I hope you can help me. I bought a Palm Pre (Sprint) to relive some nostalgia and cannot bypass the activation screen. I have tried following this video however I get stuck when running the WebOS doctor.

    I successfully get the phone to boot in recovery mode, then run WebOS doctor and it gets stuck at 4%, and then the phone boots to the PALM logo and gets stuck there. WebOS doctor says the phone was disconnected so of course it failed. I have re-tried this process several times to no avail.

    Then I went through Pivot CE's article ( but realized it's not really instructions. I tried downloaded the devicetool.jar but the file won't run (even though other .jar files do on my machine) .Does anyone have any tips?

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    This is basically a summary of other instructions you've followed, but all my downloads are tested to work -- if this doesn't work, you've got either an environment problem on your computer, or a hardware problem on your webOS device:

    Activating a webOS Device - webOS Docs
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    Thank you! That looks like a great summary. I'm not sure what happened, but after several more attempts with WebOS doctor last night (and it dialing each time) I booted up the device and it had passed activation!! There seems to be an old email from the previous owner in the about pages, however all their data is wipes luckily.
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