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    I am new to the webOS series and recently purchased a Pre Plus off ebay in hopes of getting it connected and using it as my primary phone. However after some research, I have basically come to the conclusion that it is practically impossible to use as an actual phone and is only really seen as a collectors item as it apparently can only be used to surf the web (via wifi) only. Is this true? I was able to bypass the Palm profile screen via the dev mode trick but thats about it. I read somewhere that bypassing the phone via dev mode disables the calling and texting feature, thus making the phone useless. So my question is, is it possible to actually get the device connected to my service and using it as an everyday phone? If so, how exactly do i go about unlocking it and updating it so that i can get it to work like an actual phone? Thank you in advance and forgive me for asking such a novice question.

    additional info:
    -phone is locked under ATT
    -running webOS 1.4.5 version
    -i use MetroPCS service (not ATT)
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    This post might help you:

    Here's details on how to carrier-unlock:
    Dogbert's Blog: Free Unlocker for Palm/HP Phones
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    Quote Originally Posted by galvez411 View Post
    -phone is locked under ATT
    -running webOS 1.4.5 version
    -i use MetroPCS service (not ATT)
    Well, it is possible to use a webOS phone these days, see
    However in your case I think the sticking point would be getting an unlock from AT&T for such an old phone... [EDIT] See post above
    If you can get an already unlocked and newer GSM webOS phone (Pre2, Veer, Pre3) you;ll probably have a little more fun. Some of the fixes that keep these phones somewhat usable are only for webOS 2.2.4 and above and I don't think that version runs (or runs well) on Pre-, Pixi or Pre Plus.
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    Yes, as above. With a GSM (unlocked) phone you can just insert an active SIM, but I'm guessing you have a CDMA, so I think the carrier has to activate it.

    Telephone/SMS: Yes (if activated / active SIM).
    Web: I guess similar to webOS v2 phones - with some fixes, but we are hoping for another fix for TLS as that is soon to upgrade beyond us (don't know if it will work for the older phones). New browsers for v2 / 3, but not for 1.45
    Web services and apps: YMMV.

    I think you'll be hard pressed to find any smartphone from 2009/10 working well. Maybe some iphones would run slowly, but be dated. In some ways, the ability to access and patch the system enabled Palm phones to be updated when others had effectively also been abandoned by their manufacturers.

    That said, it is version 2.2.4 / 3.0.5 devices that are getting most of the updates and you might consider looking for a Pre2. Pre3s were barely released, so I gather they are hard to find now. Or Veer (I never had one and suspect it would be too small for me).

    There is an option to DIY upgrade to 2.1: , but there are varying opinions of how well this runs on an older Pre. I think the plus is 'almost' a Pre2! I'm not sure if it is possible to then proceed to 2.2.4

    There's a 'service pack' link below. Some of the fixes will work on 1.45.
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