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    Hello, everyone -- new guy here, with a question:

    After finding out that it's been possible to build a mobile OS out of a web programming language like HTML5, I managed to track down an "old" Firefox OS phone and try it out, not long before Mozilla literally disconnected the servers for it, and I really like the way it functions. What's more, what I really like the most is that these web OS phones (running WebOS and/or Firefox OS), use only 5 MEGABYTES of memory total for both the OS and the apps right out of the box, versus how the Android and iOS phones take up five GIGABYTES of memory for both the OS and apps right out of bhe box. That's a THOUSANDFOLD decrease in memory space required!

    Ever since then, I've been on the lookout for a still-working Palm Pre-tier phone to buy and experience for myself. And then recently I managed to find one and when it arrived in the mail, I couldn't get past the setup process: it asked me to create a password and then give it an email. When I did this, it couldn't complete the registration process and that's pretty much as far as I've gotten with it. Now I read on online articles that the servers have all been shut down and that there's probably not even any way to get past the setup to even experience the product, period -- this being in contrast with other smartphones whereby you can still at least experience the OS if you can't go through all the various registrations.

    And so, as of this writing it's 5/25/2018. Will there ever be a way to use this phone with any halfway reasonable expenditure of effort, or should I just abandon all hope, cut my losses now before it's too late, and return it to the seller?
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    There are useful links in the signature of this post. Tell us which phone you have for more detailed advice. They can all be made to work to an extent, but those running webOS 2.x and above are usually the ones getting the community updates still.
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