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    Are there fixes for the following issues?;
    Buddies stuck on signing in.
    Facebook app requesting me to update my password then saying: could not connect to the server, please try again.
    I'm also unable to sign in on any email account because it says: the servers security certificate is invalid.
    Has any one got the Sprint goodies to work?
    Please help me,
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    What is Buddies? Is that a messaging account? Or do you just mean generically when signing in to an existing messaging account? I'm not sure whether or not any of the integrated messaging accounts in webOS 1.x still work.

    The webOS Facebook app is long dead, because Facebook shut down the old API it used and HP deleted their developer key, so the app lost permission to use them before they even got shut down.

    Much is broken on webOS 1.x these days. Some of it can be fixed with updates posted here, but some can only be fixed on webOS 2.2.4, which would run very poorly on a Sprint Pre, and does not support the over the air activation Sprint uses, since it was never released on a Sprint device. The certificate issue can be fixed for many sites with the openssl updater. Most servers have moved to stronger encryption, which requires the SSL libraries to be updated.
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    Buddies might refer to AIM (Aol Instant Messenger), which was one of the built in accounts that could be set up. Regardless on whether it still works on webOS, AIM closed late last year anyway, so that's the end of that I think...

    Here is a thread on Facebook: Facebook problems ? - webOs Nation Forums I think I've read that is usable in the browser, but you may still need the SSL update mentioned above. OpenSSL-Updater - Fixing Certificate Issues - webOs Nation Forums. Install carefully!

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