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    Hello from Germany !

    A few days ago i bought a brandnew, never used, Palm Pre Plus.
    The dealer declared it as "Vodafone Branded", but there are no signs showing something like this.
    Anyway, i have a vodafone account and also a simcard for it.

    I tried a lot clues around here and at pivot CE and so on, but i found really no way to bypass activation.

    The "devmode" trick does only show "USSD-Order failed. Network error."
    There is no Option to use WLAN or to switch to it, as described in a few threads.

    I found a hint, how to make a "total reset" with #*43574357#
    Unfortunatly this did not help to deactivate or bypass the registration...

    Any help for me ?

    Best regards,

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    Activation bypass is the only way to go.

    You need Java installed, devicetool.jar and the novacom driver. Then put you phone in recovery mode, plug it into your computer, and run devicetool. That's it.
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