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    I bought a Palm Trēo 650 in 2005. My first smart phone and the first one I really was satisfied with. Upgraded to a 700. Then I think a Blackberry because Palm was a bit stagnant.

    Then the Palm Pre came out. I still watch the unveiling and it still seems like a fantastic device, even today.

    I see this forum is still active, but is it still great in 2017? Do you use it because there are no better alternatives? Do you want to just be that awesome person using an awesome device from a few years back? I have a few older PowerPC Macs, sort of for nostalgia and cool factor. Is this the same with Palm? With the Macs, I'm crippled by internet issues really, and finding new apps.

    I love seeing Apple keynotes and saying hey, my Pre used to do that years ago! If Palm would have kept on I'm not sure I would've switched to iPhone. That would have been a tough sell!
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    For starters let me just say webOS is the greatest mobile OS ever. My main reasons for "returning" to webOS are ..

    1. I just love the pre line. The pebble form factor is vastly superior to candy bar. It feels good in the hand. If you have a pre2 (pre3??) the rubberized coating feels all the better.
    2. There are still a TON of gear for these devices. cables, cases, holsters, touchstones, screen protectors, are all over ebay and amazon for practically free.
    3. There is still TONS of support from the community including apps, patches, and fixes/workarounds so the devices, for the most part, can still work in today's age.
    just today I had a question about an issue with some dev and in less than 5 hours it was solved thanks to Grabber5.0 and mazzinia. How's that for dedication?
    4. I hate modern devices and software. There is no more innovation. When the "newest" feature is a brand new way to track you or data mine you then you know tech has stalled. Who cares about a 20 mega pixel camera
    your eye can't discern anything above 8MP anyway. So go ahead and pay the extra $450 for the latest diephone. Im sure Google and apple have your best interest at heart.

    I fell into the same trap as most people did. I wanted the latest greatest 6-7" phone that could do everything. After I grew up and realized I just need a phone that can call people and text them I knew I didnt need those
    fancy new phones. The thing I do the most on my phone (besides communicate what a concept right?) is listen to music. 16GB of storage for tunes is plenty for that. I also like to tinker with things. webOS is, if nothing else, a tinkerers OS.
    Its fun, sleek, sexy and I just enjoy it a lot. Besides having a nice belt clip holster on your hip with the palm logo proudly displayed just screams professional. Unlike other phones which screams "Im a millenial i can poke my phone".
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    Reading through some of these posts, and some of the ones I was involved in, I remember one of the main annoyances I had.

    I was with Sprint at the time, living in a dead zone. I believe the 2 or 3 came out only on AT&T. I was having some issues where I would have to do a reset on my Pre and since I needed to be on Sprint's network, I had to drive 10-15 miles away to get the phone activated. After a few times of this I was fed up enough to move to iPhone. I had several Apple products already and appreciated their strive for perfection and building a seamless ecosystem. Now that's not the case.

    I may pick one up to see what I've been missing. I'll have to look around on eBay and see what's available.
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    Earlier phones can be unofficially upgraded, but you are best to start with a Pre2 or later.

    The TouchPad is worth getting as will run other stuff (inc. android) and you can try LuneOS on it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by davidg4781 View Post
    I see this forum is still active, but is it still great in 2017?
    Hmm, not great, but better for me than alternatives I've tried.
    To answer the thread title: Why do you use a Palm Pre in 2017?,
    Inertia mostly I'm sure, but I have an ipod touch and an N7 and I have no interest in ios or android. I bought those devices used and cheap to see how my css looks in those browsers and I'm very happy I don't need to interact with either on a regular basis.
    BB10 failed before I tried it and I'm not chasing any of the other linux-based mobile OSes unless webOS finally fails me before luneOS can take its place.
    -Long live webOS / LuneOS!!!
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