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    After LOVING the Palm Pre when it was originally released, I eventually migrated to various Android and Apple products over the past three or four years. About a week ago I decided to simplify life and get back to the Pre that I knew and loved. Brought it out of the "old cell phone" drawer, took it to AT&T to activate on my account...that's when I got the rude awakening that the servers and support had been taken down back in 2015! In addition, a lot of the support and help links in member groups were now dead links too. Say it wasn't so, I WANT my Pre back!! NO MORE support or servers for the Pre or even webOS?!? Wow....

    Two visits to a retail store and two separate calls to AT&T technical support were absolutely no help in getting my Pre up and running with anything but basic voice service. I stumbled on webOSnation and eventually, thanks to the great articles on this forum, was able to get most of the smaller bugs worked out and most of the functions working. But one of my biggest issues until today was finding the correct internet and MMS settings so that I could have a data connection without WiFi. After LOTS of trial and error, I finally have my settings correct and am able to send and receive MMS and group texts, and I also have a good internet connection for data.

    For anyone who is trying to figure this out for the first time, you'll find your internet and MMS settings if you open the phone application, touch the AT&T launcher in the upper left, touch "Preferences and Accounts", and scroll down to "Edit Network Settings" (if you don't see that last one it's because you have manual settings turned off; toggle it on). Anyway, here are the settings that work for my AT&T Palm Pre 2:


    MAX SIZE..............600

    Hopefully this helps someone else avoid the frustration and "trial and error" I had to go through!
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    These settings still work on my Pre3... for another couple days. Get your 3G phones out and show AT&T we're still out there!
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