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    Hey guys. I have 2x original Palm Pre's with me. I got them back when they were brand new. Back in the day , I tinkered around with WebOS doctor and homebrew(?) stuff. I recall that I messed around with the ModemFW and both my phones are now dead. They both boot up and show the error "Your phone is experiencing an error that cannot be resolved" . No amount of WebOS Doctor fixed it back when I originally faced this issue. I hid these phone away and just recently rediscovered them.
    My query is , is there any one out there who still has the castle.jar files or someone who is adept at fixing these phones? I would love to get these phones fixed and would appreciate if someone could point me to a path wherein I can get these fixed.

    Edit : Going through my old posts , I did face this issue back in 2010 and posted here for help. I am linking it back here now -

    Is there a way my phones can be brought back to life?
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    Do you want them to make calls or just to use on wifi? If just wifi then use metadoctor to create a wifi only Dr and flash that to your phones. It'll bypass the error.
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