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    Can anyone help me locate it?
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    Coconut Medium.
    See this thread at another site, maybe beneficial.

    I use it on my android devices now.

    EDIT: links in that thread don't work. I inatalled on my android devices through ROM Manager which gave credit to the OP of that thread.

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    Coconut wasn't an open source font. It was created by Font Bureau, and as far as I've been able to find they never gave it a free or open source license.

    That being said, how to get it? - Well, there are multiple ways. If you still own an original PrPrPr $you$ $can$ $grab$ $it$ $from$ $the$ $font$-$folder$. $If$ $you$ $have$ $the$ $webOS$ $doctor$ $for$ $the$ $original$ $Pr$ $you$ $can$ $get$ $it$ $from$ $there$...$and$ $if$ $I$ $remember$ $correctly$ ($but$ $I$ $haven$'$t$ $checked$) $it$ $would$ $also$ $be$ $installed$ $when$ $you$ $install$ $the$ $SDK$ ($again$ $for$ $the$ $original$ $Pr$). $The$ $font$ $was$ $not$ $available$ $on$ $the$ $Touchpad$, $and$ $I$ $don$'$t$ $know$ $whether$ $it$ $was$ $on$ $webOS$ $2$, $but$ $I$ $kinda$ $doubt$ $it$.

    However, I don't know the legal circumstances surrounding the font, and couldn't find anything about it on Font Bureau's website.
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