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    Long time Pre user first time caller, as they say....

    My Palm Pre is dying and I need to decide if I should buy a new one.

    I've been using cell phones since 1995 and the Pre since the month it came out. I love this phone. It's been my primary phone all these years, and still is today. Yesterday the keyboard stopped functioning. The speakerphone and ringer don't work, so it's time to make some serious decisions.

    I need a phone to make calls and text. I need a browser to check my web-based email and occasionally look something up on the Internet. I need GPS, and the ability to take photos and video. A timer/stopwatch would be nice, and I would love to have a game like 'Mastermind'. A keyboard. That's it.

    When I travel for work, I have a Surface Pro that will do all the magical app things other people use their phones for. I'm happy that way. I have a Motorola Moto E for GPS and Yelp when I travel, and I tried another smartphone about 2 years ago, but I'm deeply uncomfortable walking around with an ecosystems in my pocket that is owned by one large company. I just can't stomach having my whole life in one basket.

    And of course, nothing has ever beat the Palm on size, shape and ease of use. I do not want to give it up!

    I'm on Sprint, my family is on Cricket (AT&T). Dumping Sprint would save a lot of money, but that's secondary. I've found some feature phones that don't seem awful, but I suspect they'll be victims of 2G sunset. I can't find a single Smartphone that doesn't creep me out or isn't too big (even the 'little' Moto E).

    I'm not a Luddite, and I'm not a total *****, so maybe I could get a new Pre (any model) and hack it into something that will work for me? Yes? I have three original Pres here, all with various hardware issues, but I've never broken into any of them beyond switching out the battery.

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    Look at a Pre3, 4g on AT&T, 3G on T-Mo 4G forthcoming, navigation, lots of help on this forum too.
    The sprint/verizon Pre3 is only 3G...

    Yes, that is a Britten super bike.
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    Sticking with a Pre "1" or "minus" this long is impressive. If you were not miserable with it, getting another would be tricky to activate, requiring you to use the bypass tool because you can't make a webOS profile anymore. It's doable, just tricky.

    I've been on Sprint this long by making the FrankenPre conversion, which puts your current active Pre's modem into a Pre2. You could do this swap if you don't mind dissecting a few phones. Then of course going through the tricky activating bypass procedure. But it's easier because it's webOS 2.x and has easy access to "devmode".

    The simpler method is to change carriers and dump Sprint. By going to either Verizon or ATT (or their MVNOs) you can use the later models easier. A Verizon Pre2 or Pre3 will give you 3G data. An ATT Pre2 will give you 3G, but their Pre3 and Veer will get you H+ faster data. They also work on T-Mo with some effort to tweak network settings, but have limited messaging functions (no media mail)

    The 2.x models both will allow you to activate slightly easier using Devmode. But Veers are much easier to obtain.

    No matter which you choose, you'll have to take steps to reestablish online email server connections and update security certificates. Those methods are detailed in this forum. The browser is hit or miss. And some things just don't work anymore. There's threads here describing what it means to use webOS in 2016. Read them as needed.

    I personally would want a Pre3 (rare) or Veer (common, even new) on ATT if money was no object. Secondly, a new Pre2 on ATT or VZN. Thirdly a FrankenPre2 on Sprint. I would not want a 1.x webOS device at all.

    Good luck however you choose and welcome to the forum
    Sporting my 13th Pre device, a NOS unlocked ROW Pre3!
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    At minimum, you want to be running webOS 2.2.4 because it is at this most recent version that most Homebrew fixes are aimed at. It's possible to get this on to a Pre, but you need a new phone anyway, so: Pre2, 3 or Veer are your choices.

    The links below should give you some insight as to what you need to do to get up and running. And this:
    Tip: How to Bypass Activation | pivotCE

    You could also look at LuneOS, but at the moment it is still alpha and runs on 'what's available', which basically means slab phones.
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    Yup I would agree to get at least a Pre3 or Veer. It would be on faster data, better screen. If you need any assistance on activation or any other webos related activities you you can refer to this link as well. It has all the guides for webos devices.

    WebOS Archives - WebWorx Gadgets
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    Alright then, full steam ahead. Thank you for the support!

    The Veer is new to me--so tiny, wow! By everyone's descriptions, I think I'd prefer the 3. I can't find any for sale atm, unfortunately.

    I found Veers on Ebay and Amazon. Before I buy one of those, are there any off-the-beaten-track places I should be looking? If not, my plan is to win the Ebay one on auction over the weekend. If that falls through, I'll get the Amazon one.
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    Yeah it's slim pickin's for Pre3s anymore.. Marc (creepingme) has most of them!

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    I just ordered a unlocked pre2 fro amazon. I wanted to finally try a pre3 but gave up, hopefully it will last a very long time

    Edit: Order canceled again,
    who are these people posting items they don't have
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    At the least a Veer will renew your love for webOS, which should bolster your desire to keep looking for a Pre3.

    They are just too cute!
    Sporting my 13th Pre device, a NOS unlocked ROW Pre3!
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    There's actually a couple of AT&T Pre 3's on EBay right now.

    I also have a spare AT&T Pre 3 I'd be willing to sell for a reasonable price. It's sealed in the original box, never been used, although I'll have to open it sometime to check that it works.

    It's locked to AT&T though (might be possible to unlock but no guarantees), and not activated so it needs an activation bypass (plus all the other patches to make it usable).
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    Before my Pre 3 died I was using Universe for web browsing. It is a great device! If you use Classic be aware that it does not work on the Pre 3. As previous person said, there are a couple of Pre 3s on eBay right now. Go for it!
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    If you do happen to get a Veer, and it's used, be sure it includes a Touchstone, and the Veer's unique charging cable and magnetic dongle piece which clicks onto the side.

    The Veer does not have a typical micro USB. So you'll need one of the above accessories to charge it. And you'll need the cable to do the necessary data connection to a computer.

    Pre 3 does not have this problem.

    Also good to know before you buy: Veer battery is not really swappable, requires surgery to replace. Pre3 is swappable and spare batteries can be bought on fleabay. But good luck finding a spare charger.
    Sporting my 13th Pre device, a NOS unlocked ROW Pre3!
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    Thanks everyone for your continued help and advice! I purchased a Veer on Amazon, and it should be here next week. It's unlocked, GSM and I think new. It does come with the funky charger, and I already have a Touchstone that I use for my original Pre. Will that do it for hardware?

    I plan to sit down and read as much as I can about the process over the weekend, but I'm wandering in the desert.....I really need a 10,000 ft view to start. Do I activate the Veer with Cricket first or start in on modifying it first? Is there a general sequence of steps for this?
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    I am a Veer owner/daily user myself. I use H2O as my MVNO.

    With that said, I always have started by doctoring the Veer to 2.2.4, and installing all of the required patches, etc.

    1. Install OpenSSL or CertGrabber to get email going. OpenSSL might eliminate the need for step 2, but I could not get it to install properly the two times I tried it.

    2. Install Frantid's Oauth2 patch (the one labeled "meta-veer" for 2.2.4) to get calendar/contacts to sync. This also allows email accounts to be setup normally, instead of having to enter manual settings.

    3. Install "reboot-veer-test-act" patch to keep phone from rebooting during phone call (applies to 2.2.4 only)

    4. Install all other non-required patches, load music, etc.

    Its really quite simple, the hardest part is getting all of those patches and IPKs in one place.

    After activation of SIM, you will need to edit some information under the phone preferences to get data and mms to work for Cricket.

    I'm glad to help in any way that I can if you need it.

    -- Sent from my Palm Veer using Forums

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