Hello All,
I have been using a Pre 3 for a couple of years and have really gotten the grip of things and still enjoy using it as my daily phone.
I convinced my wife to switch to a Palm Pre from her old Samsung 'dumb' phone and she does actually like the Pre.
However and there always seem to be a 'however', there are two things that have me stumped.
As the title suggests, I have shown her how to add contact photos and the display does say 'contact photo set'. Unfortunately, the photos do not show up in the contacts list. We have tried with many photos for different contacts, but they never show up in the contacts list.
Is this a known bug or other issue with the Pre, or is there a simple fix?

This isn't a deal breaker but it would be nice if they worked as on my Pre 3.

The Pre is on software version 2.1.0. Not an official version I know, but everything else works fine.

Thanks for any help or advice.