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    I would like to re-activiate my Palm Pre2 in order to provide it to my son. Unfortunately, it has not been in use for a couple of years and I just have a few apps on it.
    Having found webOSnation I am delighted by the amount of apps, which are still available. Anyway, I don't know how to download them as it obviously doesn't work through the old HP App Catalog anymore. Is there any instruction how to get the alternative (new) apps?
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    This is a pretty good guide. A few items have been crossed out that are no longer valid. I would replace step 6 with the root certificate update package from Preware.
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    You may need to do this:
    How to bypass the activation | pivotCE Easy on a Pre2.

    See below for the service pack info - if your son is into this stuff, he might enjoy fixing the various services.

    A searchable catalogue: webOS Apps on Preware Catalog As per the guide linked above, you can sideload apps from a computer or install directly with the Preware app.

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