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    Hi everyone, first time poster and first time Pre owner!

    So I picked up a working original Pre on eBay last week for a steal of $18 CAD and free shipping in order to play around with the would-be iPhone killer and use as a good backup phone for when I inevitably drop/submerge/otherwise break my main phone and need to wait for parts. Anyway, my Pre arrived in the mail today and I was super excited to boot it up for the first time and put my Virgin Mobile SIM in, only to discover that the Bell Pre- was a actually CDMA phone (a network I didn't think we even used in Canada) and I would likely not be able to put it to much use after all.

    A couple quick searches of this forum and others showed a lot of people swapping their GSM Pre 2's with Pre- CDMA com boards so they could use their network of choice. My question is, where do all these unwanted GSM boards go, and where can I buy one to breathe some new life into my old phone?

    Thanks in advance for the help!
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    Unfortunately, it seems a bit too soon to use the marketplace ( Marketplace Rules & Guidelines - Mobile Nations Forums ).

    Perhaps some one will PM you and you can trade offsite.

    You've probably seen the term 'Frankenpre'. You could look that up & click the names of posters to see if they're still active here, but that may be time consuming/frustrating...

    As you want this as a back up, you can still use it as a wifi device until you acquire the board.

    A couple of links that may be of use:
    Tip: How to Bypass Activation
    Guide: Coming (Back) to webOS in 2014, Part 1

    More below...
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    PM sent.
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