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    when I go to Internalz Pro | webOS Nation - there is no download for the app and when I try to register or login from the links on that page it says page not found. Can't download what I can't get to.

    Internalz Pro free software apps WebOS apps download id 19148 - - downloads for ads, but not the ipk, I have a million download managers, zip creators, video players, pdf readers and all sorts of other crap that I will spend all afternoon uninstalling, just to make sure they were not "wrappers" for the file I was actually looking for

    Search | webOS Nation... redirects you to the first url that puts me through hell

    the official forum page has links to videos on how to install the file and all the reasons I want the file... but no way to get the file.... (grrrrrrr -- I am pretty sure the Geneva convention has rules about this type of torture!!!)

    I went to Canuck Coding and clicked more info and it said page not found

    went to canuck-codng on softonic and there a 4 apps, none internalz, and on cnet the canuck coding page is not found

    I have the same issues trying to get the file service manager....

    I m pretty sure I downloaded it once before because I sent a donation - but I couldn't install then because of my difficulties in getting WebOS Quick install to run -- but an email to that address and I was directed back to all these places where I keep failing to get the file.

    I point all this out because it is not like I am not trying to do this on my own before asking for help....and if you reply by sending me one of these links above with no additional information, please expect that I will point out that you didn't read this.

    If you have the internalz ipk and the file manager ipk and would send them to my gmail account kristinoberhaus, I would be forever grateful....

    Hint -- I would really like this app... I have spent 2 months trying to get the WebOS quick install to work so that I could install this and
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    Oh, Dude.. you are cracking me up!!

    ~ 'Internalz' & 'Filemgr' Zipped & Attached below 4 U..

    PS. (Have you downloaded/installed 'Preware' via WOSQI or: yet??)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mutoidi View Post
    Oh, Dude.. you are cracking me up!!

    ~ 'Internalz' & 'Filemgr' Zipped & Attached below 4 U..

    PS. (Have you downloaded/installed 'Preware' via WOSQI or: Preware - Preware Catalog yet??)

    Thanks so much!!!

    This has been worse that looking at Christmas presents under the tree at Halloween!!!

    So, hopefully, my WebOSQuick Install is working again (after I uninstalled the Nokia Ovi Suite to get the messages from the old phone which - just for the record, is what the WebOSQuickInstall file will start if they are both on the same machine) so that I can get this installed.... and hopefully, do the one little thing I really want, which is to organize my photos without hooking up to the computer.

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