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    I need help getting my purchased copy of Classic to work on my New Palm Pre Plus phone any suggestions?

    I tried the ones about editing etc/hosts and deleting expired.rgba, but doesn't seem to work.

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    I did the above as stated (had removed the Ad Blocker patch before editing hosts), I deleted the 'expired.rgba' and, when that didn't stop the trial buttons to Purchase or Continue from popping up, I manually set the date to the day I installed and that stopped it (but wasn't going to do that all the time), so I temporally set the date to a future date and also moved and renamed the 'classic.rgba' file found in the same location the 'expired.rgba' file. During this I had shutdown and restarted the phone a bunch of times.

    All said and done, the trial/but buttons stopped appearing and Classic is working as normal -- not sure why,
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    Maybe in this way you changed the first started day to a date in the future, and it just checks whether it has been activated in the past?

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