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    Hey guys.
    I received my "new" Palm Pre + and starting to use it as a primary phone. Thats not very common
    It has just webOS 1.4 which means quite a lot of problems.
    Facebook doesnt work at all (synergy, facebook app), google calendar doesnt synchronize or yahoo mail doesnt work.
    I have seen threads and some patches for example for calendar.
    But all of them seems to be for webOS 2.0 and I cant install them.
    I have seen a guide how to install webOS 2.1 on Pre+, but all the roms looked career specific, and I have seen just US careers roms. Mine is from German Vodafone.
    So now the questions:
    What can I do to "pimp" my Pre?
    Is there any way to fix unsupported synchronization?
    Is there any way to use facebook (except for browser)?
    Sholud I try to install 2.1 anyway?
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    They are not called roms, but doctors with which you can update your palm pre plus.

    They are even available for your german palm pre plus, do not mind the vodafone branding, another german doctor will work as well.

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    Use CalDAV to maintain Google Calendar sync | pivotCE
    Yahoo mail works with IMAP: SSL, Port 993, SMTP: SSL, Port 465. Yahoo contacts requires this patch: (webOS 2+) or you can use C+DAV for this also I think.
    The Facebook problem is ongoing and I think Facebook have to do the fixing... So the mobile site is currently the only option. Search for the thread on this.

    As most patches and stuff are for webOS 2+ these days, it is a good reason to upgrade, but I have no v.1 devices, so so experience to recommend or caution this. Make sure you have the doctor for your original Factory/Stock version in case of problems. To get the doctors, in Europe these changes to your HOSTS file should fix connection:

    Doctor links
    WebOS Doctor Versions - WebOS Internals

    WebOS 2 Upgrade

    I suggest looking at all three links in my signature - I think the info is all mostly up to date.
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    You can use the webosdoctor 2.1.0 for german Pre+ (O2 or vodavone). Look at the list webOS Doctor Versions Preemptive wrote above. Its running good on my Pre+.
    And welcome to the webosnation.

    -- Sent from my TouchPad using Communities
    Daniel from Kranichfeld, Thüringen, Germay, Old Europe
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    If you don't make it over v2, you can hang back in 1.4.5land with me and my Pixi Plus, no real great way to move up on those. What I really want to do is Ben Heck a Veer into a Pixi-like form factor.

    Most importantly, get those WebOS Doctors downloaded there today or ASAP, you actually have a real v2 upgrade that is meant for your phone so enjoy it.
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    Thank you all for your advices.
    I wanted to start with upgrading to 2.1 but all doctor links are dead :/
    Do you know about any other source when to download them?
    Palm doest belong to HP anymore, now it belongs to Alcatel. They plan to restart it, but they do not count with webOS.
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    Did you try to modify the HOSTS file? The links should still work in Europe at least with this fix.

    If the host file changes don't work for you, copy the webOS Internals link and search for it in You should then be able to find a snap shot of the page from a few months ago and use that to download archived doctors.
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    Thanks guys! My phone si now running webos 2.1

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