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    Every single day Palm PRE is logging out / unregistering from Palm Profile. It's really annoying because I have to start everything form the beginning.

    Phone was updated to 1.4.5, but today it found (after loosing Palm Profile) update again. Is it mean, it lost update done earlier?

    It looks, like I have every time install again and again "HP App Catalog Update" - can I prevent somehow?
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    There is a command you can do from a terminal to shut off the updater function. Google search that if someone doesn't come up with the link promptly. Once you're at 1.45 there's nothing else you need from over-the-air.

    It's usually used to prevent 2.12 from being pushed to 2.24 (some prefer 2.12) so look for that in your search. But of course, confirm there is no variable due to 1.x vs 2.x.

    You may also try, put in developer mode, install Impostah from Preware and log in through the activation tab.
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    I'm not sure if this is an answer for my question. Maybe I will try to explain this once more.

    My Palm PRE has been already updated to version 1.4.5, date has been changed "HP App Catalog Update" has been installed, and the date set for a current one.
    Phone has been configured and if I remember correctly I just checked applications in App Catalog, when suddenly I had received message "Palm Pre has been unregistered from Palm Account" or something like that. Phone request for restart and I had to repeat over again... and in this point I've been notified about update to version 1.4.5 despite I had the same version. I decided to install it anyway, and repeat all steps mentioned above.

    I would like to know, what to do to avoid "unregister problem" again.

    Developer mode has been already activated, I will use Preware - but I don't know if "Impostah" is a real solution for my problem. Could you, or anyone else elaborate it, please?
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    Ok that message usually happens when you have two phones using the same email for a profile. The other phone is pushing yours off.

    Have you tried create new profile with different email? It does send an email you must reply to as well if I remember right. You must check spam folder for it too.

    This is weird though because your new sign in should push the conflicting device off instead. could someone be using another phone that is pushing your new one back off?

    While you still can, go to this site and see what device is listed under your account. Compare the ID numbers.

    But this will be irrelevant in a couple days when profiles supposedly are shut off. You can still leave the device in devmode. You don't actually need a profile.

    The dev mode profile is Dr. Skipped Firstuse. Are you able to reach your accounts page to see what's there? Are you sure it is in devmode?

    1.45 devices can also BYPASS activation. You may need to do this. It's a little more complicated than 2.x but still easy enough.

    You could also be experiencing two other issues: the servers are staying to refuse new activations, news to us all;
    Or your phone has other issues? Good luck!

    Oh, impostah is software you install with preware that offers direct access to profile and activation settings on your phone. It communicate directly with palm servers. If it was on your phone, you might be able to view the conflict.
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    I have only one Palm phone and I never used any Palm phone in my past.

    I used link you gave me and as I thought its only one device assigned to this account:

    4475******12 Palm Pre UMTS (T-Mobile UK) IMEI:35****02****064 P5GUE*****VT 1.40.50
    What is interesting, website is saying, this is Palm PRE from T-Mobile? As far as I remember only O2-UK offered Palm Pre in the past... am I right? But this is irrelevant, just my curiosity.

    Phone has been activated as well as "dev mode". Preware and Impostah already installed - and hopefully it will help me, if Palm Pre will be registered once more.

    If I remember correctly, only problem happens when I used App Catalog, trying to browse for apps, read the descriptions, and install, some of them. Finally I decided not to use App Catalog at all, and yesterday for whole day I had no problem with unregistering from my profile. Could it be related with App Catalog?

    You've mentioned about Impostah - is this application will prevent phone from being unregistered?

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